Be a Simple Person

Tired of leading a complicated life? Well, a simple person is happy and is more of a comfortable personality that deals with being the ideal person. A simple person relies on five life senses: book, common, street, fashion, and business.


  1. Use correct posture. If you slouch all the time, you will have back problems in the future.
  2. Find the easiest way of doing things. If something can be easy, do it in the simplest way. Don't take 15 steps to solve a problem that requires 2 steps to solve. Now this doesn't means that the simplest way is always easy - work smarter, not harder.
  3. Think before you speak. If you don't have anything to say, then don't say anything. If you do have anything to say, think about what you're saying to avoid making further embarrassment and stupidity of yourself.
  4. Be sensible. Simple people are the most productive people because they have the 5 life senses (book sense, common sense, street sense, fashion sense, and business sense). Not everyone is going to have these senses in equal amounts, but try to improve yourself in all of them.
  5. Dress simply. Don't go for anything too colorful or too dull. If it's a formal event, wear some dark slacks, a decent white dress shirt, a red tie, and some black dress shoes. It's as simple as wearing a T-shirt and blue jeans. But your style is you.
  6. Have some manners. It won't kill you and good manners will take you very far in life.
  7. Don't be a coward. Stand up for what you believe in. Simple people also think before mental and physical argument.
  8. Have a good attitude. This is by far the most important thing to have. A good attitude is worth more than a billion dollars. If a simple person is told to do something, he does it, but he doesn't get pushed in the wrong direction either. He doesn't get used or taken advantage of.
  9. Be independent. You can try to get things done by yourself such as cleaning your bedroom, doing your homework, maybe cooking or cleaning. This will show you are responsible and independent.
  10. Stick to good morals and values. Don't drink, smoke, do drugs or party all night. These things aren't important, they won't help your future-and they're definitely not good for you or your health. Stay away from it! If moderate alcohol use is traditional in your family, ask an adult for advice on responsible drinking. Stick to a curfew hour even if your parents haven't set one for you, like always be home by midnight or earlier. (This is an example of good business sense.)


  • Common sense means attitude, behavior, and sense of understanding.
  • Book sense means smarts you would learn at school.
  • Business sense means manners and work ethic.
  • Street sense means awareness of surroundings and territories. Knowing when to hustle to survive.
  • Fashion sense means style.
  • It helps if you're laid back.


  • Everyone is equal, but some people have got better senses than others. A person with book sense might not have common sense. And a person with both might not have fashion sense or something like that. You won't be perfect!
  • Avoid drastic changes in your life. That may be repulsive to your friends and family.
  • Even though you're simple does not mean that you have to be boring. You are still you, just more simple.

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