Beat Anyone at Tekken

Tired of losing to all your mates at Tekken, or just want to be the master? Follow these simple steps and you will beat anyone at Tekken.


Memorizing Your Characters' Moves

  1. Pick a character you like. Go to the practice mode and practice, practice, practice until you know all of his or her moves inside out. This will give you a good base.
  2. Get a few other characters and learn quite a few of their high and low moves and the more powerful ones. This way you'll have a lead character and a few strong ones that will beat most other players that know how to play properly..

Learning Other Characters' Moves

  1. Study these characters: Yoshimitsu, Hwoarang, Law, Paul, and Kazuya. Some other options include Eddy for speed, King for grapples, and Lee for a desperate situation.
  2. Learn Yoshimitsu meditate moves and sword moves. Back Back Square takes of 3/4 of enemy health. Some say he is sheep because of his sword but he is the best when you know his moves. If you opponent wants you to go o them go into meditate and your health slowly goes up, then when they approach you you can teleport behind them and attack.
  3. Learn Hwoarang's kicks, Law's punches, Paul's power moves, and Kazuya's b+1+4 unblockable, don't bother with EWGF as it is not for scrubs. If you do, you'll have a firm style of attack from each of these characters.
  4. If using Eddy, stay on the floor. For King, learn linking combos. For Lee, learn his fast and speedy moves or use this: hold down circle and then press it about 4 times. This will be very useful if your opponent doesn't know how to block this move.
  5. Choose whichever method best suits you.
  6. Use Paul's phoenix and spam qcf+2.
    • Paul is one of the most powerful characters in Tekken, but also one of the slowest. Timing is everything with this character. He is also one of the few characters that can counter-attack, making it easy to turn an attack back towards the attacker if you get your timing right.
    • To win almost any match with Paul, start of with one of the power-attacks that sends your opponents flying. Then start a rush towards him/her and stamp your opponent. If he/she manage to either roll away or get up before you get to him/her, do a low attack which gives you another try to either run over him/her, tackle him/her, or do another power-attack. If you manage to knock your opponent up into the air, continue to hit him/her in the air while he/she is defenseless for as long as possible. It's possible to juggle your opponent for at least 4 hits. Find a basic range of combos and moves, practice timing with different characters and try to keep your opponent as far away from you as possible. With proper timing it's easy to decide when to attack your opponent instead of letting him/her decide when to strike you.


  • Learn to sidestep at the right times, as this will help you get around the opponent and grapple them for devastating damage.
  • Study as many different characters as you can. All fighting games are designed for characters to have their own strengths and weaknesses, and Tekken is no different. Tactics that work against one character will not necessarily work as effectively against another.
  • Learn moves of some of the other characters too, in case you need to use them. Choose one character from each class (light, medium and heavy, i.e. Nina, Hwoarang, King ).
  • Learn the 10 hit combos asap as the are never used in competitive play, and the ruin the game for the other players as the don't know how to interrupt them or block punish them.
  • Practice. The more moves you know the more chance you have of winning. If you don't practice, you're going to end up like all the other losers of Tekken. The better timing you have, the more you control the match.
  • Study as many different characters as you can. Characters in Tekken have their own strengths and weaknesses, so tactics that will work against one character won't necessarily work as effectively against another.
  • Play as Asuka or Jin to learn easy combos. The combos are already listed in the command list. Jin and Asuka are the easiest characters.
  • Use the same combos over and over preferably the speedy ones
  • Only study the inputs of the moves and not the frame advantages or the or the crushing properties like any reasonable player would.
  • Have a lag switching method ready for when you go online.
  • Use punishers as pokes to score a sheep CH and a possible combo.
  • Movement is everything in Tekken. Learn to move. Sidestep, back dash, wave dash and create the ideal amount of space where your opponent's moves whiff or get blocked and then punish him for it.
  • Only focus on the scrub characters (Christie, Eddie, lili, and other brain dead characters.


  • Don't try to grapple too much against faster characters.
  • Try to sidestep slower opponents.
  • Don't get obsessed and play too long or you might harm your health as you may run into Knee or JDCR and get completely bested because they are very used to your gimmicky "attack all the time" Bullsh-t.
  • Don't use throw mixups as it's only for pro players.

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