Become a Helicopter Mechanic

Are you interested in becoming an a helicopter mechanic? Helicopter mechanics enjoy employment opportunities all over the world. Keeping a helicopter airworthy takes a skilled technician. Helicopters, by design, require much more maintenance than their fixed wing counterparts.


  1. Becoming a helicopter mechanic is the same process as becoming a fixed wing aircraft mechanic. In the United States, this means getting the airframe and power plant certificates, or the A&P license as it is commonly called.
  2. To get the A&P license, one must either attend an aviation mechanic school or have 30 months of hands on experience working on aircraft. This means working on the various systems of the aircraft and not just one area. Aircraft mechanic schools typically last 2 years or so. Military members who maintained aircraft in the service can use that towards the 30 months of required experience. Keep in mind that not all MOS's count towards both airframe and power plant.
  3. Once the 30 months experience requirement is met or one has attended an aviation mechanic school, it is then possible to test for the A&P license. The tests are broken down into 3 tests and 3 sections to each test. General, airframe and power plant. Each one of those sections have a written, oral and practical test. To pass, one must get at least 70% in each section.
  4. After acquiring the A&P license, one can now apply for helicopter mechanic positions.


  • It can be tricky to get the first job after graduating school because most employers want experienced mechanics. Just be patient and build up experience slowly.
  • any government contract positions do not require the A&P license if the work is performed on military aircraft.


  • Maintaining helicopters and aircraft in general can be a stressful career. It may be required to travel to find work.

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