Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Florida

You've been thinking about it, and now you're sure. You want to be a real estate agent! Now, what do you have to do? Like most professions, you can't just go out there and start selling and listing. The real estate profession is heavily regulated on all sides, and that includes the people selling. As with most state regulated things, it can be very confusing and overwhelming when trying to figure out all the rules.

The steps below are laid out to help you find your way through these regulations and on to a career as a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Florida!


  1. Qualify. In order to qualify as a candidate you must:
  2. Complete your pre-license education. Successfully complete a Florida Real Estate Commission-approved pre-licensing course for Handle Sales Associates During the Holidays consisting of 63 classroom hours.
    • Note: Any active member in good standing with the Florida Bar who is otherwise qualified under the real estate license law is exempt from the Florida Real Estate Commission prescribed prerequisite educational course for licensure as a real estate sales associate.
  3. Have fingerprints taken. An applicant must have a background check as part of the licensing process. This must be done through a Livescan Device Vendor.
  4. Apply for your license. Submit a completed application to the Florida Real Estate Commission. This application must include your electronic fingerprints, and appropriate fee to the Florida Real Estate Commission.
  5. Schedule and pass the examination. Pass the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Examination which is given by Pearson Vue only. You must pass the test with a grade of at least 75 percent. Candidates who fail an examination must wait 24 hours to schedule a reexamination. You may retest only once within a year of the original examination. The Candidate Information Booklet is a great resource which will help guide you through the examination process.
  6. Acquire broker affiliation or activate your license. Your real estate license is not technically active until you have found employment with a licensed broker. Once you have a sponsoring broker you can activate your license using the DBPR RE 10–Sales Associate, Broker Sales Associate Transactions form. Alternatively, once the new license number is issued, the broker can activate the sales associate using the broker's online account.
  7. Begin post-license education. Prior to the expiration date of your initial sales associate license, you must successfully complete a Florida Real Estate Commission-approved post-licensing course for sales associates consisting of at least 45 classroom hours.



  • Make sure that the real estate school and courses you choose are approved by the Florida Real Estate Commission.
  • Many people benefit from taking test prep courses along with the required education.
  • If you have a valid real estate license in Become a Real Estate Agent in Alabama, Become a Real Estate Agent in Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Become a Real Estate Agent in Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Tennessee then you can apply for a reciprocal, or Mutual Recognition, license.
  • As of 11/1/2012 the fee is $105 which can be paid either by personal check or money order.


  • It is illegal in Florida to offer a money back guarantee that you'll pass the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Examination. If a company offers this to you, stay clear.
  • State regulations are always subject to change. Be sure to confirm that the steps set forth by the Florida Real Estate Commission have not changed.

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