Become a Qualified Armoured Vehicle Driver

An armoured vehicle pertains to a motor vehicle manufactured or adapted for the purpose of protecting its passengers or occupants from explosions caused by explosive devices or from projectiles discharged from a firearm. Armoured vehicles, UAE safety and security experts say, is one of the best types of vehicles that can spell the difference between life and death of people, especially in high-risk areas. And due to the intricacies that come with armoured vehicles, they are not the easiest automotive pieces to drive or operate. If you are interested in learning to operate this type of vehicle, below is an overview of how to be a qualified driver of an armoured vehicle:


  1. Make sure you meet the state or local requirements. Generally, armoured truck drivers need to be at least high school graduates. In certain states, they need to be at least 21 years old. The required prior security or driving experience varies from six months to three years. For interested applicants for this position, it is important to keep a clean driving and criminal record. This is because armoured truck drivers are expected to maintain a valid driver's license and clean driving record at all times. In addition, the employment process usually also calls for applicants to pass a thorough background check, including a criminal background review.
  2. Become a licensed security professional. If you are not in the military or in law enforcement, in most areas, armoured vehicles must be licensed by their state's licensing authority. Additional requirements may include the completion of classes on law enforcement topics, fingerprinting, and a criminal background check. Also, continuing education is typically required in order for operators to renew a security personnel or related license.
  3. Get a firearms permit or license. Again, if you are not in the military or in law enforcement, you may be required to obtain a firearms permit or license. Although not all armoured truck drivers carry a weapon, most are still required to obtain a firearms permit. In certain states, armoured truck guards are required to undergo training, as well as complete continuing education in order to renew their firearms license.
  4. Lastly, for career advancement, consider undergoing professional certification. As a way to achieve career advancement, armoured vehicle operators might want to consider certification as a way to show future employers their level of skill. The ASIS International, for one, offers the Physical Security Professional (PSP) credential. Candidates who have a minimum six years of relevant work experience, a high school diploma or GED and a clean criminal record are eligible to take the certification exam.