Become a Stronger Teenage Girl

Do you want to be a stronger teenage girl, inside and out? Have you ever wanted to be like Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games" or Hermione Granger in "Harry Potter"? Then this is the right article for you!


  1. Be opinionated. Develop and know your own opinions, share them with other people and don't be afraid to speak your mind (even if some people might not like it). However, make sure you can listen to others' opinions and make informed decisions. Don't argue for the sake of arguing, but stand up for what you believe in when the time calls for it.
  2. Think. Use your brains to help you get through tasks. Be the leader of the group and make your own decisions. Always listen in class and try your hardest when it comes to exams. Academics is important. This isn't necessarily straight A's - this is about trying your best and reaching goals that are realistic to you.
  3. Join activities where you have to go outdoors or learn survival skills. CCF is a good choice if you want to work on your strength and leadership.
  4. Try to be less chatty. Stop talking for a few moments and take in the world around you. However, like mentioned previously, don't be afraid to speak for yourself - never let anyone censor you or your views and never have your views silenced.
  5. Take walks on your own. Use this time to sort out things on your mind and escape reality.
  6. Try to find an unusual hobby. Think about archery, biking, martial arts, even taking long walks in your local woods.
  7. Know you don't need loads of friends. Try to be independent. When you get older you will find that you have 2 or 3 close friends if you stay independent. Having loads of friends is something you only see on kids TV. Remember - it is the quality of the friend, not the quantity.
  8. Get stronger. "Don't do weights or take protein shakes- it will wreck your body" is something stupid people say. Don't listen to them. As well as lifting, have a balanced diet source of protein, may that be that meat or fish or another vegan/vegetarian source such as nuts or tofu, and do exercises daily or weekly. Some good exercises to do is running, jogging, sit ups, press ups etc., which you can gradually build on to create your own personal exercise regime. Remember when your running- to make you go really fast lift your hands up to your face and swing them quickly leaving your hand flat and not curled up into a ball.
  9. Know that if you want to wear makeup, wear makeup, but if you don't, don't wear it. Femininity does not equal weak, and 'tomboy' does not necessarily equal strong. You can be a strong young woman and have any kind of appearance, any kind of body. Though it may not be practical to wear heavy makeup during a workout, it is important to remember your image is yours, and you can be one kick-ass girl, with lipstick or without it. Your comfort and confidence in your appearance is what is most important here.
  10. Keep your hair however it is and leave it down. You can also do it in a braid or if you have shorter hair, clip it back on one side. These hairstyles are practical for workouts.
  11. Don't get too hung up on having a boyfriend/girlfriend. It's not worth it if it is making you unhappy. However, it is good to have some friends of different genders/backgrounds/races/sexualities because they tend to have a different take on things.
  12. Like said in the step about make up, being a strong teenage girl/young woman doesn't mean you have to dress a certain way to live up to someone else's idea of 'strong'. You can't say 'do this, where that', because if you're not comfortable, there is no point. Dress in a way that conveys you and your individual strength and personality, be that in tanks and combat pants, a proper skirt and blouse or, heck, even a showgirl costume! Be yourself, and above all, do not talk badly about another strong young woman who has a different interpretation of 'strong' to you. Do not use slurs, do not brand someone a 'prude' or a 'slut' because their 'strong' is different to yours. And remember - not all young women are females and not all young females are women. Be supportive of all interpretations of strong, both yours and others.


  • Remember to be yourself. Don't get hung up about trying to look like some fictional character in a book.
  • You should not care what people think about you and you should only change if you want to.
  • Tell people if you're going somewhere. It's always good that someone knows where you are.
  • It's OK if these tips don't suit your personality. It's not the end of the world.
  • Don't cut out fun; you can still be brave and quirky.

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