Build Your Business Without Advertising

Do you have a limited advertising budget? In that case, you can build your business through business networking - no need to advertise - promote your business through word of mouth advertising (networking).


  1. Join one or more business networking groups.
  2. Do business with people who do business with you and let your business partners know that you would appreciate their business as well.
  3. Become involved in your community - this serves your community well and it really expands your relationships at the same time.
  4. Always be on time and provide excellent services to your customers.
  5. Ask your customers if you can use them for a reference.
  6. Ask questions about other peoples' business wherever you go. People love to talk about what they do - be sincere in finding out what they do. You may not be able to use their service, but might know someone who could. When you give referrals, you get referrals.
  7. Hand out your business cards wherever you go.


  • Have fresh breath – keep breath mints in your pocket
  • Have smooth, manicured hands and a firm handshake
  • Always have plenty of business cards
  • Always look right in your contact’s eyes and do not look around the room while you are having a discussion with someone
  • Rehearse your 30 second commercial about your company prior to the meeting
  • In 1 minute – describe your business, what distinguishes your business from the competition and describe what a good lead for you would be
  • Always stand-up when you are describing what you do
  • People do business with people they know or trust - or through referrals from friends and acquaintances - Get Known - Be visible!
  • Be a resource for people that you meet – gratitude makes for quicker relationship building
  • Always be sincere – if you aren’t – people will know it
  • Email or send a note the day after the meeting stating it was a pleasure to meet them and follow-up on how you can work together if you see a business connection with them
  • Wear your name tag on the right side
  • Never assume people understand what your business is about – you may clean carpets, but maybe people don’t know you also do upholstery cleaning, that you may sell cleaning supplies for spots, that you clean grout on tile, that you do residential as well as commercial cleaning, etc.
  • Be visible at every event that you possibly can
  • Ask your new contact what they do and always ask for their business card
  • Smile and introduce yourself
  • If you are at a social event, do not hold a drink in your right hand as there is nothing worse than a cold, wet handshake
  • Wear a jacket or another article of clothing that has two pockets – one pocket is for your business cards to be handed out and one pocket is for the cards that you receive.
  • Do not talk too long - nobody likes a bore!
  • When introducing yourself, be clear, concise and personable
  • When soliciting clients at an event, remember: "It's not how many people you meet, but rather how many of the people you have met remember you"
  • If you have time - make notes on the back of the business card so that you can remember your contact or special information that you may need about them
  • Stay in touch with your contacts and send them information that may be helpful in their business


  • If you attend networking events hoping to find business right away, you will be disappointed. Business referrals usually come through developed relationships. Build your relationship with someone and then ask for their business. Give them business as well. Referrals are not one sided!

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