Catch a Red Truck in Chiangmai

Are you visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand? The information you're going to read is very useful for you. The red truck (or red car) is one kind of transportation which can contain 12-14 people. It is the most popular kind of transportation in Chiang Mai for people and visitors. There are more than 600 red trucks around Chiang Mai. If you do not know how to catch this kind of transportation, please do the following:


  1. Stand at the side of the road and look for the red truck. All you have to do when they come is hail your left hand to get the red truck to stop.
  2. Do not get into the truck immediately. You have to tell the driver your destination first.
    • The driver can say yes or no to your destination. If "yes" you can get on, but if "no" please wait for another one.
  3. Ask the fee before getting in. Caution: you may be over-charged by the driver. However, the fee depends largely on the distance of your destination. If you only travel around town, the fee should be 25-40 Baht (not more than US$1.50) per one person.
  4. Then, you can begin your journey, enjoy your trip and have fun in Chiangmai.


  • Having Thai friends or guides would be a great idea. The driver would not be brave enough to overcharge you.
  • If you travel with a group of friends (more than 7-8 people) you can ask for a lower price.


  • Please wear a mask because of the pollution.

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