Choose a Car Salesperson

If you're looking to buy that perfect car, but you need to go through a salesperson, choose that person wisely! Here are some tips for picking a salesperson who'll get you the best deal.


  1. Bring your spouse. You are more likely to be taken seriously.
  2. Find a salesperson who spends most of their time behind the scenes. The greatest sales people are probably inside working and taking care of customers' needs. The place to look for them is on the phone. They are workers.
  3. Be nice to the salesperson and they will get you the deal you need. You will buy from them again.
  4. Tell the truth so the sales professional can help you. If you have credit that needs some improving, tell them so they can help you. Don't hide that fact. Bring your financial documents with you just in case they are needed. (paycheck stubs, tax returns, P


  • Remember... it doesn't have to be as hard as most people make it. Decide on a reasonable price (some profit) and make an offer. If you have a great salesperson and you were treated well, you should concede some profit. Car dealerships have bills to pay and employees with families to take care of. Remember the goal is to get a fair deal. Fair goes both ways. Negotiating is both parties giving a little to meet in the middle.


  • To truly protect yourself, obtain your own financing through your own bank or credit union.
  • Some stores will sell you on price, if that's all you're focused on, and then tell you it's on their least popular color. Stores will give larger discounts on their least popular car or color of car, but don't expect the same discount on a more popular car or color.
  • Make sure this is a legal binding contract. A lot of car dealers will roll you in a car, then call you the next day to resign. All of a sudden your down payment went up, and if you don't pay up, they'll take the car from you!
  • This happens only when the bank is requiring something other than what was agreed upon at the dealership. The customer has the option meet the banks request or walk away from the deal. In most cases the car dealer will let you take the car because in similar situations the bank has approved the deal. Part of the dealership operation is to secure financing for customers, verify what you are signing. Most contracts state that the contract is based on a banks approval and without that approval the dealer can rescind the contract.

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