Color Your Name in Quake 3

Whether it be for a clan or just to show off your screen name, colors are fun and innovative to use when playing Quake 3. This article will showcase a guideline of how to make your name your own with color.


From Quake 3

  1. Enter Setup from the Main Menu of Quake 3. Then select Player. The top most option, Name, is where you want to start.
  2. Hover your mouse over the tab below Name. There will be an opportunity to type in a name for your player. For a test, type in your preferred name and move the mouse pointer away from it. Your chosen name will be displayed.
  3. Start coloring by using this typing character: ^ To type this symbol, press and hold the Shift key and at then the number 6 key, in the horizontal row just below F6. This will read as ^
  4. Position the ^ character before the text that it to be colored. Leaving no spaces, immediately after typing in ^ choose a color by pressing a number key on the horizontal row of your keyboard.
    • 0: Black
    • 1: Red
    • 2: Green
    • 3: Yellow
    • 4: Blue
    • 5: Cyan
    • 6: Pink
    • 7: White
    • 8: Black
  5. Suppose your name was *Super*Man*. You want to color the asterisk characters red, and the words 'Super' and 'Man' blue. This will read as ^1*^4Super^1*^4Man^1*.

Using Quake 3 Name Changer

  1. Follow this link for a download source. There are many websites around the Internet which have opportunities for download, but the author found this one the easiest.
  2. Use the on-screen instructions to download Name Changer, taking special care when installing the program to install it in the Quake 3 directory of your computer. This will be found within the (C:) drive.
  3. Launch the program by finding the icon or Zip file on your desktop. However, Name Changer will run automatically if you checked the box when finishing the installation.
  4. Create your name. Name Changer can be used to color your name without having to use the ^ character. Instead, colors can simply be selected with the mouse from the color pane of Name Changer. With NC you can also add special symbols and pictures by clicking on Keypad.
  5. Finish up by clicking Save and then Save to All Mods. Your character in Quake 3 will now be configured with the customized name you have made.


  • This a quick summary of From Quake 3: From the Main Menu enter Setup and then Player. In the space provided for names and using the special character ^ (Shift + 6) plus a number corresponding to a color of your choice, type in your new colored name.
  • Changing the color of your name will become easy and faster once you become used to it. The article content of From Quake 3 may suggest the process is complicated, but be assured that you will get the hang of it in no time.
  • Permission may have to be sought from the computer administrator (unless you are one) to download Name Changer.

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