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A student wrote to me: “My parents want me to study Computer Science but I want to study Arts. I love drawing and very good at it. My father told me that there is no job for an artist and graduates in Arts often cannot make a good living. My family is poor so I understand their concern, but I am torn between studying something that I love and something that I can help my family. Currently, I am confused, frustrated and need your advice. Please help.”

Answer: Today computer science is the glue that connects many fields together to create new fields which open new jobs. My advice is you may need to take a few courses in Computer Science and at the same time pursue a new direction in Arts. The following are several careers for jobs Involving Computers and Art

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Multimedia Artists and Animators are people who develop artistic materials using a computer. For example, a television commercial often has animated characters create by multimedia artists. They also create characters and content for video games and animated films. A bachelor’s degree in computer science is required to work in this field, as well as having artistic skill. A company like Pixar is always looking for people with both computer and art skills.

Graphic Designer is professionals who have the artistic talent needed to develop sketches and computer-generated designs or assemble media to form an appealing layout. They typically need a bachelor’s degree. They produce things like logos and illustrations, website front end, which may be used for advertising campaigns or product packaging, or generate content that’s displayed online or in print.

Industrial designers are professionals who involved in developing design plans for everything from vehicles to dishwashers to children’s toys. They use their artistic skills to develop ideas that are refined using computer programs and regularly get to incorporate art and computers into their daily job duties. These jobs vary from car manufacturing, toy manufacturing, shoes and clothes manufacturing etc.

Today having computer skills are necessary to get a good job. Almost all jobs in the future require computer and communication skills. No matter what you do, you need at least basic knowledge of how to use a computer. Experience with word processing and spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Word and Excel is the most basic skills every student must know. Companies expect all workers to have these essential skills because they help you to write reports, putting together spreadsheets, or drafting letters as well as searching for information and writing emails. In some contexts, such as artistic skills in social media and marketing can eventually help you to get into a higher position.


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