Develop Management Skills

If you're struggling to manage your finances, this article has some suggestions that will help.


  1. Save money for your material needs. Don't spend money on every little, inconsequential thing you see in the store.
  2. Try to simplify your life. Do you have things you no longer use? Give them to charity or sell them in a yard sale.
  3. Save money for important things. Plan for inevitable repairs, an increase in rent, or the loss of work.
  4. Keep control of your expenditures. Discipline yourself when deciding what you need (as opposed to what you merely want.) If you use a credit card, be especially disciplined. It's too easy to run up a big debt on that little card. Credit cards are notorious for charging high interest rates on unpaid balances.
  5. Make a habit of shopping for what you need every two weeks (and not in between). This will help dramatically.



  • Check your bank account frequently to make sure you are not running low on money.


  • Don't go on major shopping sprees. The pain of unmanageable debt lasts much longer than the thrill of acquiring some new toy or trinket.

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