Do we need technology in High school?

After reading “Technology in Elementary school” a teacher wrote to me:”I agree with you about not teaching technology to young children in elementary school but should we focus on teaching technology in high school and preparing them for college? Please advice.

Answer: In my opinion, there are many things students will need to learn in high school beside the basic knowledge that are already covered in current trainings such as science, math, history, geography etc. This is the time that young students begin to grow up to be adults. As teachers we must help them to develop certain moral characters in their thinking and be aware of their responsibilities. Our culture considers family as the fundamental unit of the society, which is different from Western culture that considers the individual is the fundamental unit. This is where students need to understand the difference so they do not make the mistake of hurrying to adopt everything from western culture and forget their own cultural roots.

I believe a good high school education should emphasize the tradition of family reverence and good moral characters. If the students value this family tradition well then they will value the loyalty to their country well, and ready to protect the country when needed. To be good citizens, they must develop a strong character and be able to endure many tests without succumbing to circumstances. I believe the goal of education in elementary school is to build the foundation and establish good root in family and high school is to build the moral character of the person in the country. A strong character will always be tested and people who can endure these tests, overcome all obstacles with persevering spirit will achieve great things.

Only with a well-established foundation in family and strong moral responsibility to the country, students can determine what they need, whether they need to learn technology or not. Technology should be an option in High school for those who want to learn. I do not think we need to pay too much attention to technology or afraid that our students will be left behind. Every country has its own priority and direction and we do not need to follow anybody. It is more important to develop citizens with good moral characters than technical people with poor moral judgment.

This is where I believe as teacher, our job of educate students to be good citizens is the most important. There is plenty of time for students to learn technology but there is not enough time for students to develop the foundation that firmly established in family and country. That is why the responsibility of a teacher is more important than ever.


  • Blogs of Prof. John Vu, Carnegie Mellon University

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