Draw From Your Imagination

Many people may find drawing hard, but here is the easiest way to do it.


  1. Think of an interesting subject that would look quite realistic. Perhaps you would like to draw an animal. If you are not sure which animal to choose, you could look up animals in an encyclopedia, to get some ideas. Or maybe you would like to draw a fantasy character. Again, if you are at a loss for what to draw, read some fairy tales, as these are rich in suggestions.
  2. Be inspired. If you don't have any ideas, look at other peoples art for ideas. Look for things you might want to try, see what techniques they use, or just say, "I can do that!"
  3. Start with using basic shapes then start adding more detail.
  4. Do a rough draft. At first do your picture lightly with a pencil so you don't see the mistakes, and when you're happy with the picture, darken the lines or ink it.
  5. Draw every detail needed in your picture so you could see that it looks realistic.If your subject is a clown, be sure to draw some eyes and ears that look clownish. If your subject is a toaster, look at a toaster and try to zero in on the essential details, so that you can draw them. You will probably want slots for the bread, and some controls for turning on the toaster.
  6. Sketch in an environment. Think about what your character or other subject would inhabit.For example if your subject is a cow, you could draw a barn, or a field. If your subject is a space alien, draw a distant planet. If your subject is a box of cereal, draw the breakfast table, or the inside of a kitchen cupboard.
  7. Put some clothes on your character. Perhaps a lovely dress for a princess, or a sports uniform for a ball player.
  8. Make a line in between the walls so there will be equal to three walls.
  9. Sign your name and write your age at the bottom and make it the size that it's not too big and not too small.


  • Not all art has to be realistic. If all you can draw at first are cartoons, then that's great. It's better than you could do before.
  • Listen to music while drawing. It'll sometimes get the juices flowing.
  • Don't eat while drawing; it disturbs your brain, and can get your drawing messy or greasy.
  • If you're trying to draw in a different style but it just won't work, walk away for a while. Draw or do something else, forgetting about it, for a few days, weeks, even months. Then one day you'll just pick up a pencil or pen and draw it, easy as can be.
  • If you've got bits of photos, paper, and small craft supplies, you can add them on!
  • Draw a little bit every day. As you practice, you will become a better artist.
  • Draw what you like! Sketch! Practice! Never rush!

Things You'll Need

  • A big piece of paper
  • Coloring pencils
  • Photos and colored paper

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