Find a Fax Number

Fax numbers can primarily be found with the contact information listed for a particular business; whether it be in a pamphlet, in a phone book, or on the Internet. To find a fax number for a particular business or organization, you can either refer to your local phone book or directory, perform a search for the business on the Internet, or call the business directly to ask them for their fax number. If you already have the fax number, but need to determine who or which business the fax number belongs to, you can perform a "reverse lookup" search online by typing the fax number into a search engine or directory, which may inform you of the business name. Continue reading to learn about the steps for finding a fax number.


Find a Fax Number

  1. Locate a fax number in a local phone book.
    • Search for the name of an organization or business to find the telephone number for that business. If the business has a fax number, it may be listed in the directory next to the phone number or address.
  2. Search for a fax number on the Internet.
    • Visit the website of the business or entity of which you need the fax number. If you are unsure of the website, type the name of the business into your search engine to locate the website address.
    • Look on the website for the organization's contact information. Usually websites will have a link at the very top or bottom of their website that reads, "Contact Us" or "Contact."
    • Locate the fax number for the business on the page that displays their contact information.
  3. Call a business directly to determine their fax number. In some cases, businesses may not publish their fax number in a phone book or on the Internet.
    • Ask the representative on the phone what the fax number is for their business.

Find a Business by Fax Number

  1. Enter the fax number into an Internet search engine. This will allow the Internet to search for and list websites that display the fax number you have entered.
    • Review the search results that are displayed after entering the fax number. You may find the name of the organization who owns the fax number in the search results.
    • If the fax number you entered does not display in any search results, try using variations of its format. For example, if you are searching for 555-555-5555, either remove the dashes from the fax number (555 555 5555), condense the fax number without any breaks (5555555555), or add parenthesis around the area code (555)555-5555.
  2. Perform a reverse lookup for the fax number. This procedure will allow you to enter the fax number into a directory that may display the name of the business that owns the fax number.
    • Go to any search engine and enter keywords such as "fax number reverse lookup" to locate a website with a reverse lookup tool. You can also visit the "411" website featured in the Sources section of this article, then click on the "Reverse Phone" tab to use the reverse lookup feature.


  • If an organization does not have a fax number, you may want to ask them for other means of preferred communication if you need to provide them with paperwork or documents; such as email or postal mail.

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