Finding a job part 7

A person wrote to me: “I graduated four years ago but still unemployed. My degree is worthless, and my college education did not help me at all. Currently, I still stay with my parents knowing that they are disappointed with me, but I do not know what to do with my life. I feel miserable and bitter about myself. I have read your blog on career advice, but do not know how to start. Please advise.”

I wrote back to him in a personal email but want to share with you about my view on this situation. For many years, I have written many articles offering career advice, but they only help if people who read them do something about it. That means they can use my advice as a guide and take action to improve their career. It is essential that they must set a career direction and do something to achieve it, reading alone does not help. No one can live their lives just by reading career advice and hope. It is essential to work hard if you want to get out of your parents’ house and be independent.

You cannot continue to stay home with your parents and feel bitter about yourself. You may follow advice on my blog to find a job, any job, regardless whether it suits your education or not. What you need is to bravely go to work as you are capable of doing something, and with a little bit of luck, and the power not to give up, you will get a job. It may not be what you want, but at least you will get a job that helps you to gain confidence and feel valuable. I know that finding job is HARD, but it is not impossible.

The problem that you stay unemployed for many years is probably due to your indecisive. Maybe you are unwilling to settle for any job that does not fit your degree or a typical career for a college graduate. Today the “degree to-career” process does not work anymore. You must learn to adapt to the changing environment, to the job market by changing your mind. When you go to work, you will feel more comfortable that you are a productive person and overtimes, you will find your new passions.


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