Get Rid of Writer's Block

Ever had that time when you just could not get any ideas or stories into your head for your next story, or you just got stuck at the same place and could not continue? Well you are not alone! Here are some tips which may help fellow writers!


  1. Make time for your writing! This is very important especially if writing is like a second job to you,you might be very busy with other things but always make a schedule for writing.
  2. Daydream. Let your mind wander and you may find yourself ending up with some great new story ideas!
  3. Use the 'what if?' system. What if _____? What if _____ happened to _____? What would happen if _____?
  4. Analyze when you are experiencing a writer's block. You should always analyze your story and re-read it. You might get ideas from actually re-reading your own work!
  5. Read other books or short stories for inspiration. Sometimes writer's block can be caused by lack of inspiration, fear, or anxiety whereby one loses the craving to write and gives up. Therefore, if you think you lack inspiration you can try visiting the library and picking up some books that interest you and get your inspiration back!
  6. Read quotes or song lyrics. Maybe you will discover some inspiration from doing that! You may even think of any words that you like, and they may inspire you. What about 'survive', 'love', 'betrayal', 'harsh', 'cruel', 'kind'?
  7. Write about an important event in your life. Your parents divorcing, moving to a new country, whichever want. But only whatever that has happened to you that’s worth reading!Write about an important event in your life, but twist it around. What if you did something differently? Write about what could have happened.
  8. Create a character. This will get your creative juices flowing and a plot will come easily. An easy way to create a novel character is by being able fill in this biography, such as their name, age, date of birth, appearance, personality, background, etc...
  9. Write from the heart. Do you see some very successful writers like Stephen King, and long to be like them? Well it is all up to you. Your will and strength will take you there so don't be too hard on yourself because of some nasty remarks made by someone who read your work. As long as you feel it's right. It is all right.
  10. Take a break. If you overwork yourself nothing will come out you need to have rest to have an active and more concentrating brain! Listen to music,hang out with friends or do something fun even going for a vacation would be fine! Relax your mind and you will feel refreshed.
  11. Watch movies or drama serials. You might find this very insignificant but it helps you if you are still experiencing a block after trying the steps above. Sometimes random lines or quotes said in movies or dramas can be made into a really creative story!
  12. Think positively. Having pessimistic thoughts will never help you. You can build up a habit of having positive thoughts by waking up every morning and looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling to yourself and saying "I'm going to get through this. I can do it!"
  13. Talk to friends/relatives who actually write stories or fan fictions or anything relating to the topic. Share with them your problems and you might find out that maybe they face the same problems too! However if you do not have friends or relatives who have interest in this do not fret. That's why there are sites like wikiHow!
  14. Let your thoughts flow like a movie. If you've got a clear plan yet you find yourself stuck, then just lie back and imagine what you have written (or if you have nothing, just imagine potential ideas). Think of it like a little film in your mind; whatever you're imagining will eventually flow on. Just be creative and think of alternative endings.
  15. Use visual diagrams. Brainstorming and making diagrams are often very useful for both planning storyline basics and making plots more complex, with alternative endings as such.
  16. Write different things at one time. Having different stories can help you keep your desire for writing. However remember to not overwork yourself if you have many things in your mind write them down and go to them slowly!
  17. Take your time. Remember, there is no use in being anxious. If something is created hurriedly and halfheartedly it will not be good. Therefore take your time to write your stories!


  • If you're writing a book but out of ideas, close your eyes and imagine that you are a character in your book. Picture him/her in the part that you got stuck on. Start at the end of what you have written, then let your imagination go from there. Who knows? You may get a brilliant idea….
  • Don't ever think "I will never write again." It may be a little while until you get back into writing, but it will happen!
  • Take a shower, listen to music, even just sit there with your eyes closed thinking. Sometime, you will get an idea.
  • If you are lacking inspiration, feel free to go to a public place, take a notebook and pen, and just write something about the people who walk by. Don't feel like a stalker--you're really just using them to inspire yourself.
  • Do not hurry! Take your time to do things! Unless it is a project which you have to turn in the next day.
  • Relax. Remember that no matter what do not panic you will eventually get through this!
  • It is always good to free write. Set a timer for around ten minutes or so and write about anything. Try not to pause or revise anything, just write!
  • Enjoy what you are doing. When you do not enjoy writing you can never get through it!
  • Lay out the plot. Inciting incident, rising action, climax, etc. This can help when you know what's happening at a later point in the story, but not what happens between what you have and then.
  • Exercise if you feel tired or you just need a breath of fresh air. Just some simple exercises like sit ups or light jogs around your neighborhood or walking your dog will do!
  • If all else fails, take a key word and write a hundred words around it. It doesn't have to link to what you are trying to write but it will get your creative juices flowing. Don't worry what it's like, no one else will ever see it, put your inner editor away and just write.
  • Stay healthy! Losing sleep or not eating will not help you! You need enough rest and proper nutrients to have an active and healthy mind! Remember writing does involve thinking therefore staying healthy is important for good thinking!


  • People might criticize you on your work but don't let that get to you ever! Remember there are millions of others who would love you for making that particular book or story! So don't let little things get to you!
  • Sometimes you just cannot stop pessimistic thought from coming to your head. If that happens do not give in to it talk to people! It will help a ton!

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