Get a Motorcycle License Without Buying/Renting a Motorcycle

Getting a motorcycle endorsement on your license is similar in almost all aspects to getting a driver's license itself. The difference here is that a motorcycle is needed for training and testing instead of a car. Not everyone wants to get a motorcycle for practicing and taking a test before getting a license.There is an easy alternative. This process involves training at a motorcycle training institute recognized by the state that does not rip you off. You can get a license made for as low as $25 without going through the trouble of buying/renting a motorcycle. Several states have these programs to train individuals and provide them all equipment they need at a low price so that more and more people can get the required education to become a safe rider. All you need to do is to find an institute that offers such programs.


  1. Be in good health and take a couple weekends off for the training

    • Training involves complete focus and energy.
    • A single absence may lead to disqualification
    • Training may take all day at times
  2. Search and apply at a suitable institution

    • All states have such programs designed for common people
    • A simple google search or gov website can yield good options
    • Make sure the institutes gives a completion certificate that waives the required riding test by the state.
    • Some institutes offer such programs even under $25
  3. Get the required equipment
    • Try to get some equipment from friends and family
    • The only real requirement will be a helmet
    • Requirements may differ at different institutions
    • Ask instructors for cheaper alternatives
  4. Take the required lessons at the institution
    • Take the classes seriously to excel and pass the course
    • Punctuality is very necessary as the length of the course is very small
    • Any damage to motorcycle must be paid off and settled by the rider
    • Severe flaws can result in disqualification and penalty.
  5. Test 1: The riding test
    • Take the riding test and score minimum fault points
    • Riding test includes number of exercises and hours of testing
    • Learn in extra time for perfection before the test
    • Failure to pass the test will disqualify the rider
  6. Study all booklets and notes for the written test

    • Make sure to read all notes and booklets thoroughly the day before test 2
    • Test 2 is the final step for training certificate so study hard to pass it
  7. Test 2: The written test
    • Also tests on what is learnt on the field along with booklets and notes
    • Take your certificate the same day

    • If both test 1 and test 2 are passed, you will receive a certificate of completion with your state's header on it.
    • The certificate should be valid for a year
  8. Visit The Secretary of State office
    • Visit the office before the certificate expires
    • Wait for your turn
    • Ask for a written learner's permit test for motorcycle
  9. Complete the multiple choice test and wait for assistance

    • The test should be fairly easy and small compared to the test at the institute
    • Take the test soon after receiving your certificate to avoid reading the booklets again
  10. Produce the training certificate
    • If passed, produce the certificate and explain that you need a waiver for the riding test requirement
    • Finish all the formalities
    • Pay the license fee
    • Take home the temporary license and wait for the permanent license

    • Keep the temporary license safe and with you while driving.
    • The permanent license with motorcycle endorsement should be mailed to you within two weeks
  11. Donate generously
    • Donate generously to the institution and help them serve future trainees
    • Keep your new license safe
    • Enjoy life a lot more on motorcycle. This endorsement will help you all your life


  • Searching the right institution is very important. Search government websites for easy information. examples of institutes in the state of michigan

Link to institutes in state of michigan


  • Get your permanent license before the certificate expires.
  • Do not register if you are in bad health.
  • Damaging motorcycle can cost lot more than expected.