Get the MAC Address of a PC

The MAC address for your PC is the address used to identify your network adapter. You may have more than one MAC address if you have more than one network adapter, but generally only one should be in use at a time. You can also find the MAC address for network printers, but you'll do this directly from the printer.


Finding the MAC Address of your PC

  1. Open the Command Prompt. You can find the MAC address of your PC's network adapter using the Command Prompt. There are several ways to open the Command Prompt:
    • Any version of Windows - Press Win+R, type cmd, and press Enter.
    • Windows 10, 8.1 - Right-click on the Windows button and select "Command Prompt."
    • Windows 7, Vista, and XP - Open the Start menu and select "Command Prompt."
  2. Type .getmac /v and press Enter. A list of your network adapters will be displayed on the screen.[1]
  3. Find your active network adapter. If you have more than one network adapter, such as an Ethernet adapter and a wireless adapter, they'll both be listed here. Chances are you need the MAC address of the active adapter, so find it in the list.
    • You can use the Connection and Network Adapter columns to help determine which adapter you're looking at.
    • Adapters that aren't in use will say Media disconnected in the Transport Name line.
  4. Look at the .Physical Address column. This is your network adapter's MAC address. It will always be 12 characters split into six groups of two characters each.
  5. Write down or copy the MAC address. On older versions of Windows, you'll need to write down the MAC address if you want to save it. In Windows 10, you can highlight the MAC address and copy it to your clipboard.

Finding the MAC Address of your Printer

  1. Print a configuration page on your printer. The quickest way to find the MAC address on your printer is to print a configuration page. You can usually do this from the Settings or Maintenance menu on your printer's display. Search "print configuration page model" for instructions for your exact printer.
  2. Find the "Physical Address" or "MAC Address" line. This will be one of the lines on the configuration page. The MAC address is 12 digits split into six groups.[2]
    • You won't have a MAC address if your printer is not network capable.

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