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A high school student wrote to me: “My parents want me to study in the U.S. They often read your blog and want me to study Computer Science or Information Technology. They said that these fields could help me to get a good job there. I do not want to study technology or computer. Are there any non-computer fields but also have a good opportunity to find a job there? Please advise.”

Answer: There are many good fields of study with an excellent job opportunity that you can choose, depending on your interests and how much efforts that you want to put in. Based on what I know, Healthcare is an excellent area with a good opportunity that you may want to investigate.

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Some people often associate Healthcare with Medicine or Nursing but that is a narrow definition because this field is much larger and include Medical Technology and Allied Health. According to a new report, healthcare will generate over 4 million new jobs between 2015 and 2025 in the U.S. because of the rapid growth in the elderly population. Most Medical technology and Allied Health jobs require only 2 years of college education (Associate degree or Certification)

Medical technology refers to the diagnostic or therapeutic application of science and technology to improve the health management systems. For example Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technician; Dental Laboratory Technician; Diagnostic; Medical Records and Health Information Technician; Ophthalmic Laboratory Technician; and Pharmacy Technician, etc.

Allied Health refers to the delivery of health or related services pertaining to the identification, evaluation, and prevention of diseases, dietary and nutrition services; For example Dental Assistant,

Dental hygienists, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Medical assistants, Occupational therapists, and Physical therapists etc.

However, most of these jobs require strong English language. If you want to study healthcare areas, you need to improve your English skills.


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