Information System Management part 5

A mother wrote to me: “My husband and I read your blog frequently and we want our daughter to study Computer Science but she wants to study Information System Management instead. What is the job of an Information System Manager and what opportunities can she get with this degree? We only want her to have a good career and live comfortably? Please advise?

Answer: Today most companies are depending on Information Technology (IT) and it is important that these systems work effectively and reliably. Therefore, Information Systems Managers play an important role in the implementation and management of these systems.

By definition, Information System Managers plan, coordinate and manage all computer-related activities of a company. They work with other managers to determine the business goals of a company then implement technology to meet those goals. They manage all technical aspect of a company, such as software development, network security, and Internet operations.

The Information System Managers also oversee the work of all technical workers, from software developers, hardware maintenance specialists to application programmers, systems analysts, network specialists, and other support specialists etc. They plan and manage all technical activities such as installing and upgrading hardware and software, programming, Information systems design, computer networks, and the development of Internet and intranet sites. They also are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and security of the networks. They analyze the technology needs of the company from both an operational and strategic perspective. They review the work of their workers and stay current with the latest technology to ensure that the organization remains competitive.

Information systems managers often start as someone who works in a company and familiar with the systems there. They may be a network specialist or software developer then move up to the project manager, system director, and have additional duties, depending on their expertise. Some even move up to Chief technology officers (CTOs) who report to the president of the company or company owner. The career of Information System Manager is excellent with many options depending on what specific area, your daughter want to pursue. For example, she may want to be the expert in computer security or cloud computing specialist or data specialist, and maintenance management etc.

If she gets an addition Master of Business Administration (MBA) after getting her degree in Information System Management, she can help the company to evaluate the newest and most innovative technologies and determine how these technologies can help the company and develop technical strategy, including cost-benefit and return on investment analyses, and presents those strategies to top management, such as the Chief information officer (CIO) or president of the company.

Information System Management is a very good field of study. if it is what she wants, I think she is selecting a career with good future that has many opportunities to move up.


  • Blogs of Prof. John Vu, Carnegie Mellon University

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