Make Your Own Gossip Girl Website

Who doesn't love Celebrity juicy gossip? We all do! This is how you can become your city's gossip girl with all the latest gossip about everyone you know!


  1. Decide on a gossip name. Pick something catchy, cool, and easy for the reader to remember. For example, your city's name. Add "Gossip" in front of it. If you don't want to do that, however, you can think of something completely different. It's up to you!
  2. Choose a website/network. It could be Facebook, Formspring, Twitter, BBM, or it could be your very own website you can create for free!
  3. Make sure nobody knows about your site. Not even your very best friend, your family member, or your dog! It's totally secret. Nobody can know! If someone does find out, you're gonna be in trouble, so keep it as secret as possible.
  4. Find sources. Meet up with a lot of friends and ask them about their lives. You should ask personal information about everyone you meet. Even small things count. Carry your phone around with you to take pictures all the time and to write notes of new gossip and information. Go to a lot of parties to find out more about people. Try to gain people's trust, but be careful; if you're the only one who knows a secret, don't write it on your blog immediately, or else you'll be busted.
  5. Make sure your gossip blog isn't just about anyone. It should have interesting rumors and facts. It should be about the most popular ones. Nobody's interested in what the loser from your school did today, unless it's who he did today.
  6. Make a Facebook profile with the name you've picked and just add everyone. That way no one will know it's you, but you can still have them all see it. Be sure to make another e-mail and write in the description of your profile that if someone has gossip, they should send it to you.
  7. Post a lot of pictures. People want to see facts. People want to see if it really happened or not. So make sure you always carry a camera or camera phone around. Write on your page that they should send pictures. If you know how to use Photoshop, you can also use that.
  8. Get started! Go ahead and do it now. Good luck, little gossiper!


  • Don't make stuff up to an extreme, keep it real but juicy.
  • Add yourself to the gossip feed too, like Dan did in the original "Gossip Girl". No one will ever suspect it's you.
  • Don't be too mean. You'll lose people's trust, so be careful. Think about ho what you're writing will affect other people.


  • Don't get too caught up in this; it's supposed to be just for fun.
  • It's risky. If you're not careful, people can find out it's you. Change the way you're usually writing so people don't find out.

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