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Why buy a mass-produced, generic trophy from a store when you can have way more fun making your own? A homemade trophy could range from a simple paper cup to a repurposed drinking glass. You can use it to celebrate a happy occasion or give it as a gift. Making your own unique and personalized trophy is a great DIY craft project that you can do easily with things you probably already have at home.


Crafting a Paper Cup Trophy

  1. Gather your materials. To make a paper cup trophy, you'll need paper, a pencil or pen, cardboard, a paper cup, a toilet paper roll, paint and a brush, a marker, craft glue, and scissors.
    • For the cardboard, you can use a cardboard box, a cereal box, a packaging box, or something similar.
  2. Draw a trophy handle shape on paper. On a piece of paper, draw a trophy handle. Make sure it's roughly as tall as the height of your paper cup. The exact shape is up to you, whatever you want your trophy's handles to look like.
  3. Cut the trophy handle and base out. Use scissors to cut the handle shape out of the paper. You'll also need a base for your trophy, so draw either a square or a circle on the paper, and cut that out as well.
    • The size of the base is up to you, but it should be at least a little bigger than the width of the top of your paper cup. That way it will be able to support the trophy without it falling over.
  4. Trace the handle and base into cardboard and cut them out. Using the paper handle and base you just cut out, trace the shapes onto a piece of cardboard. You'll need to trace the paper handle twice so you have two cardboard handles. Then use scissors to cut the base and handles out.
  5. Paint everything. Get your paint ready. You'll want to paint the outside of the toilet paper roll, and the whole paper cup inside and out. (You can leave the bottom of the paper cup unpainted.) Paint the handles and the base as well.
    • The color you use is up to you, but paint everything with the same color.
  6. Decorate the paper cup and toilet paper roll. Draw on, paint, or otherwise decorate the painted toilet paper roll and paper cup however you like. You can paint stars, or write a title for the trophy with a marker.[1]
    • Some other ways to decorate your trophy include glueing glitter on the trophy or glueing sequins or plastic stars on it. Have fun and use your creativity here.
  7. Glue the handles on. Fold a small portion of each end of your trophy cup's handles. Fold them so there's a small surface that can be attached to the paper cup. Glue the folded ends of the trophy handles to the sides of the paper cup.
    • If the ends of the handles don't line up right with the slant of the paper cup, you may need to trim them.
  8. Glue it all together. Glue one end of the toilet paper roll to the cardboard base. Then glue the other end of the toilet paper roll to the bottom of the paper cup.[2]

Making a Cardboard Trophy

  1. Gather your materials. To make a cardboard trophy that stands up, you'll need cardboard, a pencil or pen, paper, a printer, scissors or an exact-o knife, and paint and a brush.
    • For the cardboard, cereal boxes and shipping boxes work well.
  2. Print out a picture of a trophy. Do an image search for "trophy clip art". Find an image of a trophy that you like, then print it out.
    • Make sure you find an image of a trophy that has a wide enough base, so that it can stand on its own once it's done. The base in the image should be at least half the width of the widest point on the trophy.
  3. Trace the trophy shape on a piece of cardboard. First, cut the trophy out of the paper. Make sure you cut out the empty space in between the handles and the body of the trophy. Then, use the cut-out trophy to trace a trophy shape into the cardboard.
  4. Cut the trophy out of the cardboard. Use scissors or an exact-o knife to cut the trophy shape out of the cardboard. You'll also need to cut out a base. For this, draw a semi-circle in the cardboard and cut it out.
    • The base needs to be large enough to support the trophy, so make sure it's at least as wide as the width of the base of the printed out trophy shape.
  5. Decorate the trophy. You're only limited by your creativity and your materials in this step. You can paint the trophy gold or another color. You can glue little beads and other things to it. You can write a title for the trophy on it. Whatever you want to add to your trophy, go for it.
  6. Attach the base. To attach the base, cut an inch-long slit into the middle of the semi-circle base. The slit should be cut out of the curved end, not the flat end. Then you just need to slide the base onto the bottom of the trophy so that it's perpendicular to the rest of the trophy.[3]

Turning a Glass into a Trophy

  1. Gather your materials. To turn a glass into a trophy, you'll need a wine or champagne glass, model magic clay, a hot glue gun, spray paint, and spray paint primer.
    • The clay you want to look for is made by Crayola. Look for the kind that's air-dry.
  2. Make trophy handles out of the model magic clay. Form the model magic clay into two trophy handles. Lay the handles on top of one another so you can make sure they're close to the same size and shape. Trim and reform them as necessary so they're fairly identical.[4]
  3. Wait for the trophy handles to dry. The model magic clay should take about 24 hours to completely dry. So wait a day before continuing.
  4. Glue the trophy handles to the glass. Use your hot glue gun to glue the trophy handles to the wine or champagne glass. Wait a few minutes for the hot glue to dry before continuing.
    • Keep in mind that glue doesn't stick to glass very well. It will stay but only if undisturbed. So handle the trophy with care, without pulling or holding on to it by the glued on handles.[4]
  5. Prime and paint the trophy. Prep the trophy for painting by spraying it with the primer. Then spray paint the cup all over.
  6. Decorate the trophy. After the spray paint has dried, you can decorate the trophy any way you'd like. Use a sharpie or acrylic paint to give the trophy a title, or glue other little decorations on it.[4]

Repurposing an Old Trophy

  1. Gather your materials. You'll need spray paint, craft decorations, spray adhesive (optional), glue, scissors, markers, and paper.
  2. Find an old trophy. If you have an old trophy, lying around somewhere in storage, see if you can dig it up. An old trophy that isn't doing anything but taking up space can be given new life and a new purpose with a little paint and crafting.
    • Make sure no one in the family wants the old trophy first before repurposing it.
  3. Paint it. You can use acrylic paint on plastic trophies, but spray paint will be quicker and last longer. Get some newspaper on the ground or table so you don't get paint everywhere. Lay the trophy down on its side. Spray it with spray paint, making sure to get all the sides. Then flip it onto the opposite side and spray it again. Let the paint dry before touching it.[5]
  4. Decorate it. Use whatever craft objects and tools you'd like to decorate the trophy. Glue some stars on it or use a spray adhesive and some glitter. The possibilities are endless.
  5. Label it. Use a label maker if you have one to make a label for your trophy. You can place the label right over where the old one was before it was painted over. Or you can cut out a small rectangle of paper that will fit over the old label. Write the label on the rectangle with paper, and then glue it on.


  • Consider using crayons, coloring pencils, pens or stickers to decorate your trophy.


  • Instructions for making a homemade trophy may differ depending on what template(s) you use.

Things You'll Need

Paper Cup Trophy

  • Cardboard
  • Pen or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Paper cup
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Glue
  • Art supplies for decorating trophy (optional)
  • Printer (optional)

Cardboard Trophy

  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Pen or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Printer
  • Art supplies for decorating trophy (optional)

Drinking Glass Trophy

  • Wine or champagne glass
  • Modeling magic clay
  • Spray paint
  • Spray paint primer
  • Hot glue gun
  • Art supplies for decorating trophy (optional)

Repurposing an Old Trophy

  • Plastic trophy
  • Spray paint
  • Art supplies for decorating trophy
  • Spray adhesive (optional)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Paper
  • Label maker (optional)

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