Mobile apps market

Demand for mobile app developers continues to increase all over the world. According to Gartner, an U.S. research group by 2015, mobile app development projects will outnumber PC application projects by 4 to 1. The shortage of mobile app developers could be attributed to the lack of former training in most universities. Even in this “hot” market, few universities are offering mobile apps training. Many professors believe that if you can program, you can work on mobile apps and there is no need to focus on this sector. However, most mobile apps companies believe that some training to mobile apps development is essential to develop skilled graduates.

A company owner explained: “Many software developers can develop apps on their own mobile phone for enjoyment but creating apps for a business is different. They have to make sure that the apps will not break or have errors and also be able to work with other apps.” An apps developer agreed: “Anyone who can program can build mobile apps by taking a short online course. They can sell their apps on an Apps store and make some money but building apps for business or company to do complex things require serious training. You have to understand the platform and the technology well enough to do a good job. However platforms and technology often change so you have to continue to learn to keep up and that will guarantee a long career and good salary. Today the iPhone and its iOS operating system are hot but Android and Window 8 are also hot. It is possible that in next few years, something new may happen too. As long as you are learning new thing, you are still be in high demand.”

Another apps developer explained: “Today many software development tools for mobile apps are difficult to learn and most computer training classes intimidate students with too much unnecessary information. Many classes are taught by developers who are not good teachers because they often talk about what they know rather than what a new person with limited understanding need to learn. Many apps developers are self-taught so they have no idea on how to teach. It makes learning more difficult. A mobile apps development course taught in university by professors will be much better.”

The current average annual salary for apps developers in 2011 at $98,000 but it could go higher as demand is increasing and exceed supply. The current shortage of talent in mobile apps means people with skills can demand much higher salaries.


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