Play the 'Hairy Legs' Card Game

This is a fun and very wacky card game similar to Snap. It is best played with 3-6 players.


  1. Deal the entire pack out to the players in a closed hand (players are not allowed to see their cards).
  2. Place your pile face down in front of you.
  3. Play goes around the table in a clockwise direction, with each player taking their top card from their personal pile and placing it face up in the center.
  4. Perform any actions due to the card. Numbered cards mean nothing, while face cards generate the following actions.
    • King - all players must say "Hairy legs".
    • Queen - all players must say "Achoo". Say the word; don't pretend to sneeze.
    • Jack - all players must salute.
    • Ace - all players must place their hand on top of the centre pile.
  5. The last person to perform the appropriate action takes all of the cards from the centre.
  6. The player who loses all their cards first, wins.


  • The skills involved in the game are fast reflexes and quick wits. As the game is played, the speed usually progresses and players begin to make silly mistakes.

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