Pray to Invoke the Holy Spirit

Do you love the Lord Our God, just as He loves you? Do you love Him in the Person of the Holy Spirit, and wish to have more devotion to Him as the Holy Spirit? Learning how to pray to Him will be the best way.


  1. There are so many different prayers we may offer the Holy Spirit. One such prayer is very simple it is:
  2. "O, Holy Spirit, Beloved of my soul. .. I adore Thee. Enlighten me; Guide me; Strengthen me; Console me. Tell me what I should do... Give me Thy Orders. I promise to submit myself to all that Thou Desire of me and to accept all that Thou Permit to Happen to me. Let me only know Thy Will. Amen."
  3. Another beautiful one is as follows:
  4. "Holy Spirit, Thou Make me see everything, and Show me the way to reach my ideal. Thou Who Give the Divine Gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and Who Are in all instances of my life with me. I, in this short dialogue, want to thank Thee for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from Thee no matter how great the material desire may be. I want to be with Thee and my loved ones in Thy Perpetual Glory. Amen."
  5. How to pray the Holy Chaplet (or Rosary) of the Holy Spirit:
  6. Begin by making the Sign of the Cross.
  7. Pray the Act of Contrition.
  8. Sing the hymn, "Come Holy Ghost."
  9. On the first 2 beads of each mystery, pray the "Our Father," and the "Hail Mary."
  10. On each of the 7 beads, pray the "Glory Be to the Father..."
  11. The first mystery: Our Lord Jesus is Conceived By the Power Of the Holy Spirit in the Womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  12. The second mystery: Our Lord Jesus Receives the Holy Spirit at His Baptism.
  13. The third mystery: Our Lord Jesus Is Driven into the desert By the Holy Spirit.
  14. The forth mystery: The Apostles receive the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost.
  15. The fifth mystery: Our bodies are the Temples Of the Holy Spirit.

Rosary Prayer

Doc:Rosary in English,Rosary in Latin


9 of them are: (1 Corinthians 12:8-11):

Another 7 are: (Isaiah 11: 2 -3)

    • Wisdom,
    • Understanding,
    • Counsel,
    • Fortitude,
    • Knowledge,
    • Piety,
    • Fear of the Lord.
  • You may choose to pray using a Rosary chaplet, and a prayer book which includes prayers to the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit has a very special love for the Virgin Mary. Love and cherish her even more than your own mother, and be blessed.
  • If you develop a real love for God's Son, Jesus and follow His commandments, and believe the word of God, then follow these words: (John 14:23-24)
    • '"If anyone loves Me, he will keep My commandments; "
    • "and My Father will love him, and We [in The Holy Spirit] will come to him and make Our abode with him.
    • "He who does not love Me does not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine, but the Father's who sent Me."


  • The one unpardonable sin is Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. This is not simply uttering irreverence against the Third Person of the Holy Trinity. This is a deliberate state of impenitence on the person's part, which takes form in the following ways: Obstinacy in one's own sinfulness; Despair in one's own sinfulness (not believing in the Divine Mercy Of God); Refusing repentance right up to the moment of death; Presumption in one's own personal Salvation (thinking God "OWES" the person Heaven by ones merit); Envy of the Spiritual Gifts that are given to others; Refusing God's Spiritual Truth, including the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Things You'll Need

  • The Holy Bible (optional)
  • Praises, prayers and worship songs to God, calling upon the Father in Jesus name.
    • A Rosary chaplet.
    • A prayer book which includes prayers to the Holy Spirit.
    • Songs of praise and worship

Sources and Citations

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