Proactive students

Today, students have to be proactively in their studies to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution age. A proactive student is an assertive person who makes things happen rather than waits for things to happen. Proactive students take responsibility for their education by investing their efforts and time to learn on their own instead of being told by others.

To be proactive, students need to attend class regularly, participate in the discussion, take notes, ask questions and stay current with the course’s assignments. Sometimes if they cannot find what they need in traditional classes, they should actively find another way to learn by investigating other sources such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Image: Internet

Currently, there are several online courses that students may want to consider:

  1. The original online-learning institutions with many step-by-step video tutorials on several subjects, including programming are Khan Academy. This site is great for teachers, parents, and children:
  2. One of the most popular online institutions that teach coding is CodeAcademy. You can learn everything from HTML & CSS, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, and Ruby:
  3. Coursera is a major educational-technology company that has offered thousands of courses. There are many introductory programming courses in machine learning, artificial intelligence that you can take without paying. If you want to receive a certificate, you may have to pay a small fee:
  4. EdX is another leading online-learning institution founded by Harvard University and MIT but today it includes many other universities too. Some of the best courses that I have seen are here:
  5. Udemy is an online learning institution with many courses that you do not have to pay but some courses that require some payment:


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