Produce Smoke With a Smartie

Smarties. We all love these delicious, colorful treats. And now they have another purpose apart from just being fun to eat by the handful. You can also use them to produce smoke! Sounds fun, doesn't it? The trick is to get the candy to smoke without starting a fire. All you need is a roll of smarties and maybe some tape.

Please note: For those in Canada, the UK, and Australia this isn't about Smarties, the chocolate candy! Rockets or sweet tarts work instead.


In the Wrapper

  1. Loosen up the Smarties. Just jiggle it around a bit on one side (the part where it is twisted). Don't unwrap the end! The Smarties just need a bit of wiggle room to move around. The wrapping should remain mostly intact.
  2. Grind the Smarties together. You can do this with your hands in a back and forth motion or with a hammer, mortar and pestle, your shoe, or anything heavy. Watch for a powdery substance to form that you can see clearly. Do this to all the candies in the package.
    • Once the smarties have produced a fair amount of dust, you're ready. Grind it for one or two minutes, experiment, then retry with the remaining chunks of Smarties.
  3. Unwrap one end of the candy wrapper and start breathing. Flatten it out and place your mouth on this end. Suck in with your breath and let the powder get on the top of your throat. You don't want the dust in the bottom of your lungs -- just in your mouth. Smartie dust is not the same as oxygen.
    • You want to flatten out the end so the Smarties that are still in chunks stay in their packaging and don't get lodged in your throat. It's smoking with Smarties that's the goal, not choking on Smarties.
  4. Blow out from your throat. You should see a bit of a fog produced. This looks just like smoke -- the Smarties lose their color when ground. Unfortunately, because pink and blue smoke would be awesome. Alas, you'll have to settle for normal wisps of white smoke.


  1. Unwrap the smarties and put them on a piece of paper. Any surface that you can either dispose of or easily clean up is ideal. Whatever it is, make sure it's clean.
    • Don't throw away the wrapper! You'll need that later.
  2. Pound the Smarties into a fine powder. Remember, this stuff is going into you, so use something that's sanitary. Place a plastic baggie over the Smarties (or place the candies into the bag) and use your shoe, a hammer, or whatever utensil you have at your disposal.
    • Get rid of the chunks. Those will be hazardous and might make you cough (or choke).
  3. Tape the insides of your wrapper. This is sort of like a rolling paper. It will give structure to your wrapper and let the dust move around freely.
    • Though Scotch tape is okay, masking tape is better. Stay away from duct.
  4. Place the dust into the wrapper. Roll it back up to its original form (the tape allows it to keep its tube-like shape). Twist off one end to keep the dust from oozing out.
  5. Inhale and blow out. Don't inhale too strongly or you'll probably just cough it up. Start with light, easy inhalations. Breathe in and try to keep the air in your mouth -- deep, diaphragmatic breaths won't get you a better product. You'll just get Smartie dust in your lungs. Can't put that on your college resume.


  • On your first time, you will probably start coughing as your throat is not supposed to inhale the Smarties you hold in your mouth.
  • Also exhale the smoke out slowly it gives a better effect.
  • Instead of blowing, you can try to let the smoke roll out your mouth as this makes it look better and more real.
  • The first couple of times you do it, the smoke will come very thin and it will take some trained eyes to see it. If you keep practicing, that thin piece of fog will soon evolve into very wispy and visible smoke similar to that of cigarette smoke.
  • Cracking and creating powder from the Smarties/rockets is hard and takes patience. It's normally easier to take a heavy hammer or big object and smash the pack of smarties/rockets.
  • On cold mornings, the humidity of your breath can help contribute to the smoke effect.
  • In Canada these candies are usually called Rockets. Sweet tarts also work.


  • Make sure it is finely crushed up or small bits will get lodged in your throat, causing you to choke.
  • If you have asthma, don't try this!
  • Possible hazard to your health as you're intaking powder of candy products and not air. Be careful.
  • If you're on school grounds or near any supervisory figure, know that this behavior is frowned upon and you'll probably get in trouble.

Things You'll Need

Method 1: In the Wrapper

  • Smarties
  • Heavy object

Method 2: Unwrapped

  • Smarties
  • A piece of paper
  • Plastic baggie
  • Tape
  • Heavy object

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