Purchase a Car With Cash

Everyone needs to get to an important destination one way or another. Traveling from home to work is important. Picking up friends and heading out to enjoy the day is great. Going out on a date with reliable transportation is also important. All of these activities are made easy with a car. The question is, does it really matter if one buys a car with credit or cash.It's obvious if a person needs a car, then that individual should consider buying it cash. These simple steps to purchase a car with cash will be beneficial.


  1. Get the right car. Choosing the model of the car is important, but it should not be ones main focus. A person bought a car for $1300, it was a 1995 Chevy cavalier Coupe. This person bought it cash, they were not looking for a particular model. It could be that someone not looking for a particular model can keep their options wide open. It can be a better chance in other words.
  2. Make sure the body is in good shape. Obviously, a person does not want a banged up car on the outside exterior. An individual would want a car that looks decent, doesn't have to be shiny or glamorous either. The body of the car should look decent enough for the family and friends to say, not bad.
  3. Don't worry overly much about the year of the car. A lot of people make a big deal on the year of the car. Most people want a new car, from year 2000 and upwards. A person should not give too much care to the year of the car unless it's from the prohibition era. If the car takes a person to their destination that's what matters.
  4. Make sure it runs. It would be smart to turn on the ignition and listen to the way it turns on. If it turns on fine enough and there are no knocks, it should be fine. Try to press on the gas pedal while the car is in parking, have a feel for it. If someone is satisfied by this time, they are good to go.
  5. Decide on the price. A price under $3000 dollars is a good consideration. Most people would think they would end up with a junk car. That's not true, a person can have had a car for almost 3 years now and the repairs were minimum. The price one can pay for it was well worth it. Would an individual want to pay $500 a month on a brand new car? That's a lot of money someone is wasting , a few hundred dollars a year on repairs is saving money.
  6. Be grateful for no monthly payments. The fact of knowing the car is fully owned is a wonderful feeling. A lot of people feel pressured and their nerves go to the roof worrying about the monthly payments. Paying a car cash will drive out all worries and concerns about the monthly payments.
  7. Try a Lower price. Most of the time when a person will go to an independent dealer and pay cash for a car, the salesman will lower the price. This happens because the independent dealer wants all the money right away. The monthly payments charge interest for this very reason. If you had your own dealership would you want the money right away or would you want small payments every month. Of course the dealer would want the money right away so they can buy more cars and keep making a profit.
  8. Enjoy Ownership. The feeling of ownership is a nice feeling. A person buys a home and feels satisfied. A buyer pays for something in full and whatever it is that was paid for, it is owned 100%. Ownership is a sense of pride. The fact that the buyer worked hard for his or her money and were able to buy a car and keep it forever is awesome.


  • Take time, don't rush on this and regret your purchase.
  • Look everywhere close to home.
  • Ask the dealer if they accept cash.
  • Most of the time the dealer will lower the price of the car when you pay cash.
  • Make sure its an independent dealer, because a big dealership will want the buyer to buy a new car so they can collect a bundle.


  • Don't get into a strange contract with the dealer.
  • Just pay the car with cash and get the plates.
  • Don't do monthly payments
  • Don't pay too much for a used car.

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