Read Shinigami Time from Death Note

Maybe you've read Death Note or seen the film. Now, you want to figure out how to read or understand the numbers above someone's head. If so, hopefully this article will provide the appropriate tips and suggestions on how to go about doing this.


  1. Learn how to read, add, and do other various mathematical processes in your head. If you haven't got that far, try to improve your mathematical skills in such a way that you can finally work out this equation over and over without getting lost in the process. It takes a while to build your maths skills to do this so do not stress if you're unable to perform it the first time!
  2. Find a page in Death Note where someone is being looked at in Shinigami vision. If you want to do your friend or family member, try getting them to enter their information on an online Death Clock to find out how many years they have in human years [then reverse the calculation. X-years-leftX365X3556]
  3. Take the numbers above their heads and place commas where they belong, then divide it by 3556. This is the equivalent to one human day.
  4. Then divide it by 365. This is how many days are in a year.
  5. If all goes as planned, you should now have the lifespan in years of a person, or a Shinigami depending which way you did it.


  • A calculator helps, as well as writing things down.


  • Not every person in the anime, according to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, was calculated.
  • Calculating L's lifespan, L was supposed to live for another 39 years. He would have been 64 had he lived out his life instead of dying at 25.
  • According to them, only Light Yagami had his life span properly calculated to 71 years, they lost the equation for the others and guessed everyone elses. The equation was discovered on the basis of finding Light Yagami's out and may not in fact be the actual one.

Things You'll Need

  • A calculator
  • A picture of someone being looked at in Shinigami Time
  • A pencil and paper

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