Sleep in Class

Many students are tired in school because they didn't get enough shut-eye the previous night. As a result, these students may fall asleep during class. They could get in trouble if they're caught. If you love sleep as much as most people, here are a few methods on how to sleep in class and get away with it.


  1. Find a spot where you won't be noticed by the teacher or other students, or the best possible place. Make sure there is a friend near you to wake you up if necessary.

The "I Dropped Something" Method

  1. Place a pencil on the floor near your desk on either side. It's best to "accidentally" knock it off your desk and onto the floor.
  2. Place your left arm horizontally on the edge of the desk. Put your forehead on the arm. Let your right arm flop down as if you are reaching for the pencil. However, the teacher could quite easily notice that there is something wrong, because it takes less than 35 minutes to pick up a pencil!

The Book Method

  1. Set up your left arm in the same way as the last method.
  2. Open a book and place it on your lap. Place your head down on your arm. Place your right hand on the pages. You will appear to be reading the book, so hopefully your teacher won't notice what you're actually doing.

The Book Method #2

  1. Place a hardcover book on your desk opened to the very middle (so the pages don't turn themselves.) Put your elbows on your desk next to the book with your forearms up.
  2. Using your hands, shield your eyes like a sun visor/ baseball cap.

Book Method #3

  1. Simply lay a book flat on your desk, and rest your forehead on it. While doing this it is important to just keep your arms relaxed in your lap. This is one of the most comfortable methods. The downside to this method is it makes it quite obvious you are or are trying to sleep. The major benefit of this method is that it doesn't cause your arms or any other part of your body to "fall asleep" (no pun intended), thus allowing you to sleep longer without being awoken by your arms tingling in discomfort.

The Desk Method

  1. Put your arm and head in the usual positions. Reach inside your desk, as if you are rummaging for something.

The "I'm taking notes" Method

  1. Place some paper or notes, preferably with some writing on them, on the table.
  2. Place your left elbow on the table and rest the corner of your forehead on the heel of your left palm. Face your head downwards so that you are looking at the edge of your desk.
  3. Hold a pen in your right hand to the paper in front of you, as though you were writing something. Also, you can adjust your seat so that you tilt your head and body away from the teacher as much as possible. Switch hands where necessary so that the arm you're resting on shields you from the teacher.

The I'm-Reading-Under-The-Desk-Method

  1. Place a book open on your lap, fold your arms on the desk, and put your head down so it looks like your reading your textbook. Answer a couple questions while in this position before you go to sleep, so your teacher thinks you're awake and paying attention.
  2. Grab a book and put it standing up on your desk shielding your face from the teacher.
  3. Try to cup your face if you are reading something. To do this, cup your hands around your eyes and rest your chin in your palms.

The Long Hair No-Fail Method

  1. If your teacher stands in one place, and you have excessively long bangs, put them in front of your face about a few minutes before you decide to sleep. Then, fold your arms on your desk and rest your chin on your arms so your face is facing the teacher. As a variation on this method, if you are allowed to have a backpack or large bag during class, place it on your lap and fold your arms over it as if you are hugging it. Rest your head on top of the bag, instead of the desk, as this gives you a more upright posture, and looks less suspicious. Sweet dreams!

The Computer Method

This method only will work on a computer(computer class, technology etc.)

  1. Open an "important" webpage, place a hand on the mouse, one hand on the keyboard and slowly fall asleep.


  • Try to sleep during a movie or after work time; it's dark and teachers usually don't ask questions. Some teachers will give you leeway if it is a morning class and you don't have to do anything. Make sure that you don't have to take notes during the movie.
  • Easier in a class such as art, where you do not learn a lot of important (test-worthy) information every class. It's also good if you have a desk in front of a window, or back to the teacher desk. Just simply rest your elbow on the desk and your head upon you hand, and a pencil in your drawing hand with paper in front of you. If you get caught and didn't draw a little sketch ahead, you could say you were trying to get "inspiration" from the things outside or you don't know what to draw.
  • Pick the right class to sleep in. History or Math (depending on the teachers) can be dangerous to sleep through because of the constant flow of vital information. Also, teachers in these classes tend to require more student involvement (question answering, ciphering, etc.). Try to sleep through a class that is easy for you to pass, or consists mainly of a lecture or presentation of some type that only require passive participation.
  • Watch your grades. They are indicators of overuse.
  • If you use any of the above techniques, you don't need to fully sleep, just relax and drift a bit. This way makes you feel a little more rested, and you should still know what went on in class.
  • Look busy doing something, or listening
  • Don't wear earplugs - they may help you sleep, but you won't be able to hear what is going on.
  • Try not to lie on the desk, because that will give you away easily.
  • If you are doing silent reading and don't have to summarize it, just put the book up and act like you're reading it.
  • Don't fall into a deep sleep; fall into a light slumber where you can sort of hear what's going on.
  • When you plan to space/sleep/not pay attention, raise your hand for every question you think you may know for the first few minutes, so that way the teacher will feel less obligated to call on you later in class if you look a little… less active.
  • If you are the type to show visible signs of fatigue- i.e., dark circles under your eyes, unusual paleness- attempt to go to the clinic. Then you can lay down and sleep. This is ideal for short naps.
  • If a teacher loves their subject and gets into long rants, they'll probably be too distracted to notice you, especially if you usually get good grades in their class.
  • If you happen to have a huge test on that day but you didn't get enough sleep that night/morning, it's better to sleep in classes during the day before your test so you are more refreshed, but be prepared to miss other things in the classes that you sleep in.
  • If you get caught, be ready to face consequences.
  • Even though you are tired, try to stay awake. Don't even "rest your eyes".
  • The teacher often summarizes all (s)he’s said in the last few minutes, so have your friend wake you up about five to ten minutes before class ends. That should prevent you from missing out -too- much.
  • Try sleeping with the eyes half-open. From distance, it will only appear that you are looking down.
  • Have a friend give you the copy of the notes or homework that they did while you slept.
  • The 6th method may not work because your arm is not moving.
  • Wear clothes with a hood on them.
  • Wear shades that look like prescription glasses.
  • It is easier to get away with sleeping in class in the back than the front. Beg and plead with your teacher that you want to sit at the back or tell them that you can't see close but only far away. Walls make it a great place to relax to just lay back and close your eyes and the teacher will look and see you are up so she won't call on you!
  • You can ask the person in front of you to sit back in their chair, which blocks the teacher's view of you.
  • If you have a test, do the test first and fall asleep then.You are less likely to get caught. Some teachers don't even mind this.
  • This is very difficult but train yourself to be able to listen while you are sleeping so if the teacher says "(insert name here) are you sleeping?" You can say no, then if the teacher asks "What was the last thing I said?" You will be able to answer the question successfully. (Do not use a smart-aleck answer!)
  • If you take a test and you have an office/blocker or what ever you call it, you can sleep behind that and pretend to read a book.
  • To keep your elbows from hurting, place something soft like a notebook or something else.
  • If you have a good friend in that class, have them wake you up when the bell rings or if anything important happens.
  • If your teacher actually likes you as a student (You do your class/homework, you're respectful, etc..), they will most likely let it slide. But don't let it become a habit!


  • Try not to sit near someone who would tell on you, or someone you hate. They will most likely snitch on you just to get you in trouble.
  • Be careful of those teachers that call random people for questions or to "show the class an example" because if you get caught, it can be serious.
  • This may seem obvious, but don't fall asleep before attendance is taken and homework is collected! You will surely get caught.
  • Don't sleep if your class is doing an activity like popcorn reading (reading a section of text, then "popping" it to someone else). The teacher will notice you are sleeping if someone pops it to you.
  • If you snore, sleep talk, or sleepwalk, avoid using these techniques.
  • Teachers do gossip, so be careful. You can be with a new teacher next school year and they will know you with a rep as a sleeper.
  • Be wary of the people around you. If they are attracting too much attention or are likely to attract too much attention, either work hard to look like you're awake or work even harder to be awake.
  • Be warned that those around you that value education more than anything else might hit you with a bad reputation as a slacker which can take a while to build back up
  • Make sure the teacher is not expecting you to turn in notes or some kind of summary at the end of class.
  • Don't do this too often, or the teacher might get suspicious.
  • Keep in mind that no matter what you do, these techniques will not work with every teacher out there.
  • If the teacher is very Express Yourself at a Strict School, don't do this!
  • If you sit in or near the front row, it is very risky to sleep.
  • Be careful of leaving your face in view and chin unprotected, your chin will fall and it will be obvious that you are asleep.
  • Make sure to clean up your drool if you drool on the desk
  • If you sleep a lot through class you will find yourself failing your classes. Find out who you are before attempting to do this.
  • If the person in front of you is obviously sleeping, it is essential that you do not sleep.
  • If you prop your head up with your arm, be very careful that you don't pull the corner of your mouth slightly open. This can lead to a massive 'drool pool' on your notes/textbook/binder/desk and you will get busted.
  • Drooling is a way to get yourself caught and ridiculed for a long time.
  • Make sure not to get into a habit of actually sleeping in class.
  • Doing this may result in missing valuable or even critical information.
  • If you get caught, you'll get detention, suspended or expelled and grounded.

do not use the desk method if you sit at a desk that is not your's

Things You'll Need

  • A Book
  • A Good Make Excuses
  • Pencil/Paper
  • A friend
  • A dumb teacher or an understanding/caring TA
  • Practice

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