Think of a Topic

Many people have trouble thinking of a topic when writing anything, or even when having a conversation. The truth is that it's a very easy thing to do when you use the following strategies.


  1. Ask questions about the topic. Use all your very good friends: why? what? when? how? who? where? as much as you can and as much as you want! Maybe you don't have the (right) answers yet, but still, the destination of understanding is closer and closer.
  2. Think of your interests. If you think your interests are only one thing, like shopping, for instance, think of subtopics of that. For example, clothes shopping, electronics shopping, CD shopping...
  3. Home in on your interest for a general topic. If you are assigned a general area to come up with a topic, for example, China, write a report about shopping in China! It's a unique idea that your interests will inspire.
  4. Learn a bit more. What if it's something that has nothing to do with your hobbies? If you have to pick a topic about the Civil War, there may be very little relating to your hobbies. But if you read about the subject in general, you will definitely find something that piques your interest.
  5. Be creative. Being open to all possibilities is the best possible way to make good use of your creative skills. Even topics that seem dry or out of your normal interest zone can spark new ways of viewing the world and can even start you thinking about taking up new interests. Step outside of your comfort zone and try fresh ideas.


  • Your interests are also a good place to start conversations.
  • If you've tried all this and can't think of an idea, ask someone in your family or ask your friends. They might say something that interests you.


  • Don't pick a boring topic because you don't think you can think of another one; you won't be as interested and you'll do a worse job.

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