Work Better in an Office

Working in an office can be boring. We all know that sitting in front of a computer all day isn't good for you. Neither is writing 24/7. Luckily, following these simple steps will boost your productivity in the office and make you feel more alert in the office.


  1. Empty your bin. This way, you have more space for more rubbish later on.
  2. Throw away rubbish such as old memos that you won't use again. Throw away all the empty wrappers that clog up your drawers and desk. These aren't very productive.
  3. Clear your desk. Do this by putting everything to one side like on a windows sill or on the floor. Make sure it is all of the desk.
  4. Ask your boss or manager if you can move the computer.
  5. Don't disconnect anything. Just slide the whole thing left or right. Once you have done that, clean down the desk with soap and water. Remember to dry it afterwards.
  6. If you have files, put those on first. Put these as far away from the computer, keyboard and mouse as possible. This way, you can move around when typing or moving the mouse.
  7. Purchase two paper trays. Label one 'Inbox' and the other one 'Completed'. You can also have similar labels, such as 'Done' and 'Not Done'.
  8. Place all the work that needs to be completed in to the Inbox tray. This way, you know how much you have got left to do. You could also purchase another try that goes at the side of the inbox tray or on top of the inbox tray that other people can use when they are giving you paper work.
  9. Obtain a suitable holder for your pens, pencils, staples, paper clips, etc.
  10. Clean out your drawers and organise. Purchase things like files and label them a-z. Use these to store records and documents.
  11. Clean your computer. Wipe it down with a damp cloth. Make sure it isn't dripping. Squeeze it as hard as you can to avoid hefty fines if the computer gets broken.
  12. Keep the desk clean. You can do this by keeping on top of the rubbish and not allowing clutter to build up. Also, keep track of your work.


  • Whenever you eat something, put a sheet of paper down and fold the edges inwards so that they stand up. This is your dinner tray that catches the crumbs. Staple where the edges meet to keep it strong. When you have finished, empty the crumbs into the bin and put the tray on top of the filing cabinet, in a drawer, etc.


  • Make sure the cloth isn't dripping. High voltages are in the computer, and they may explode when they come in contact with water. Always ask permission of your boss or manager before doing this.