Write Your Essay Under Pressure

Let's be honest, fellow writers, we're under pressure due to procrastination and not managing our time wisely. Are you running late with your paper? We're here to help.


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Organizing Your Ideas

  1. Remember that successful essay writing is just an acquired skill. This skill can easily be developed by persistent reading, writing, and revising. Writing an essay requires a set of general guidelines and rules which are helpful with anything you write.
  2. Put what you know to good use. Answer the essay question clearly and concisely, dropping any vague and wordy paragraphs.
  3. Don't write everything that you think onto the paper. Collect your thoughts and determine the direction of your writing. Additionally, resist the urge to churn out words immediately and hastily scribble anything.
  4. Draw a mind, or idea, map. Write the subject in the middle of the paper and write the ideas related to the subject around it, adorning them with small symbols or drawings. This way, you’ll have a picture of your essay in your head and will be able to see which ideas go together and which don't. This will also help you get ideas and determine what to write.
  5. Write an outline for your work, where you blueprint each step of your writing separately and organize all your ideas in one action plan. The outline helps you to organize your ideas and weed out any unclear or impractical.
  6. Use a "toolbox", which is actually similar to the outline and mind map. It consists of lists categorized into names, dates, places, case studies, etc., with a heading for each list. Then from these jumbled ideas you draw out a rough sequence and make small paragraph divisions.


  • Some people, when under pressure, may find themselves putting random bits and pieces into their essay for whatever reason. However, even if you're under pressure, you should never forget to stay on topic.
  • Don't listen to songs. You'll end up paying more attention to the lyrics than your essay. Listen to some instrumental music instead, such as classical or Appreciate Jazz Music.


  • In any case, try not to procrastinate and end up rushing. Remember that you create trouble not only for yourself, but for your teacher, who may feel unsatisfied and lower your grade. Be sure to give yourself enough time to finish the essay 1–2 days before it's due in case you need to revise it.

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