Appreciate Anime

While some may find anime blase or juvenile this artistic medium offers a wide variety of animated stories. Anime can be both read or viewed as a visual medium. Here is a guide on how to enjoy anime.


  1. Start by reading or viewing different types of anime or manga. There is a wide variety of anime and manga available. Major groupings include anime or manga include Shoujo (stories for girls) and Shonen (stories for boys and teenagers), Josei (mature storylines for women), and Seinen (mature stories for men). There is also Hentai which is a sexually oriented anime written for adult audiences.
  2. Science fiction, history, and romance all fall within the anime and manga genre.
  3. Subscribe to fan magazines to learn more about this genre.
  4. Participate in news and chat groups to learn more about anime and manga.
  5. Attend anime or manga conventions to learn more about this Japanese-oriented genre.


  • Try out all kinds of anime to get the kind you like.
  • Manga is written in comic book style while anime is watched on television shows or movies.
  • Take into account anime shows are just like any other story, so don't judge a series just because it's anime. Just sit back, enjoy, and make your own conclusions.
  • If you cannot get past characters with huge, colorful eyes and a lack of story plot, try some other anime, like Death Note, where the looks are more realistic and the plot is the central focus.
  • Socialize¬†: - is a good old site, - the most trustworthy anime news site on the net *You don't have to stick only to mainstream anime; be brave! Find some little-known anime. It's good to be exposed to a wide variety of anime/manga, not just the ones everybody knows.
  • Don't judge anime by its name. You might well come across something that pleasantly surprises you.
  • You might prefer to start with anime movies, rather than jump straight into watching anime TV shows as these require a lot more dedication. Try to pick something within a genre you're typically interested in. Some popular titles include Spirited Away (fantasy, adventure), Ghost in The Shell (action, sci-fi), Blood: The Last Vampire (horror).Interstella 5555 (Music, Action)
  • When watching anime shows, watch episodes all the way through, don't stop in the middle. Some popular and well known anime shows include Be a Sailor Moon Fan, Gundam, Naruto, Card Captor Sakura, Inuyasha, Dragon Ball Z. Like Speed Racer was an early form of anime and dealt with auto racing.
  • Start by watching basic popular anime like SAO for instance.


  • Following from above, do not assume that all anime is the same. There are many types and stereotyping all anime into one genre can be insulting to anime-enthusiasts.
  • If you just can't appreciate anime, don't hate others that do appreciate it.
  • Don't become a weeaboo.

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