Be Happy With Your Car

Being content and thankful for what you have is a good way to stay positive. Unfortunately, not all people can afford a brand new, flashy, sporty car with all the latest gadgets. It isn't always easy to be content with your humble or merely average car.


  1. Think about what your car does for you. Does it get you to work, school, and other events on time? Be glad that you have a car. Back when there were no cars, you would have had to travel by on foot or by horse. Some people cannot afford a car at all.
  2. Look at your car's exterior. Do the doors open and lock properly? Does the car have all four wheels? Learn to accept the way your car looks on the outside. Don't be too concerned about what others think of the car. Chances are you don't know them, so they probably don't really care. Now, look at the interior. Do the windows open? Does the car have air conditioning and/or heating? What about the radio? Think of all the positives about your car.
  3. Think about what having a fancy, fast, sporty, or exotic car would do for you. People won't like you for your car. In fact, instead of admiring your car, it would probably just make them jealous. What good would that do?
  4. Think about the downsides of owning a nice car. If you got a dent or a burn hole, it would be a big deal. With a cheaper car, it does not matter as much.
  5. Customize your car. It does not have to be expensive. Add action figures on the dashboard, quotes on your ceiling, or pictures of friends/family on the front of your glove box. There are also some inexpensive things you can buy at most auto shops such as seat covers or fuzzy dice. However, don't decorate to distract you from driving.
  6. Assuming it's legal in your district, opt for a cheap manual custom spray job and/or neons. Research first, on the internet or elsewhere, to make sure that your car isn't going to be dripping paint in the rain for a week or blow up when you switch on the neons and be sure to check with a legal professional or your local police station first.
  7. Name your car. Talk to him or her when he or she acts up or pulls through in the clutch. Random names such as "Slippery Pete" are good as well as names that identify funny things about your car such as "Rusty". Even better, give the car a human name.
  8. Go on a spontaneous road trip with your friends. Memories will help you appreciate your car better.


  • The car will get flawed. That is life, parts wear out and break down with age or heavy use. But remember, the whole point cars are built is to be driven.
  • A detailing can make a stale car seem new.
  • Don't worry about what others think of the car. Chances are that they don't know you and you'll probably never see them again. On top of that, most people don't really care about your car's appearance.
  • Clean your interior. Wipe the dust off the dashboard, vacuum the floor mats, then hang up an air freshener. This will make a surprisingly huge difference in your attitude towards your car.
  • Only think about the positive things about your car. First kiss? The time the anti-lock brakes saved you from a serious collision? the iPod docking station to let you play your favourite songs on that special road trip? The heated leather seats? The sunroof? The crafty little-hidden storage compartments for hiding your sweets?
  • If the car works and is in roadworthy condition, then that is what is most important.

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