Be Hot Even If You Wear Glasses

For many years, people associated glasses with nerdy "bookishness". The mistaken idea was, if you spent too much time in study, you would hurt your eyes and end up needing glasses. This idea was not only completely false, it has been overturned in the past 15 years so that glasses wearers, depending on frames and style, appear not only intellectual but attractive as well.[1] With the right glasses, appearance, and attitude, people will see you and instantly think, “What a stunning person!”[2]


Choosing the Right Glasses

  1. Determine your face shape. The balance between your face shape and choice of frames will influence the how people judge the attractiveness of your frames and facial features. Generally, symmetry in your face is regarded as attractive, so your goal when choosing frames should be to create a proportional appearance between the left and right side of your face as well as the top and bottom. Four of the most common face types are:[3]
    • Round faces tend to have full cheeks and a soft, rounded chin. The height of your face, if you are round shaped, will be about the same as its width.[4]
    • Square faces have a strong jawline. You should notice that your features that are sharper and more angular. Lastly, if your face is square shaped, your forehead should be wider than the lower half of the face.[5]
    • Oval faces have relatively balanced features while being taller than wide. If your face is oval, you should notice high cheekbones and a chin that is thinner than your forehead.[6]
    • Heart shaped faces are most noticeable by a characteristic broad forehead and tapered chin that comes to a point. You should also notice that your cheekbones are relatively high on your face.[7][8]
  2. Pick out frames that fit your face. Glasses that are too big for your face will throw off your facial symmetry and make onlookers wonder why you didn’t choose a more flattering shape for your frames. You should use your frames to help balance out the less distinct features of your face or to detract attention away from your more prominent features. Some suggestions for the four most common face shapes include:
    • Round shaped faces can benefit from frames that have strong, noticeable details. The lens shape should be wider than tall. Nose pads are also a must, as these will keep your frames from accentuating your already round cheeks too much.
    • Square shaped faces should consider frames that soften your natural sharp angles in the jaw and elongate your relatively short facial height. Frames that are wider than they are deep are an excellent choice, as well as lenses that are wide and thin.
    • Oval faces are usually considered to be naturally balanced. To preserve this balance, you should find glasses with frames that match the wideness of the broadest part of your face. You might also find that frames with a walnut shape keep your facial features nice and balanced.
    • Heart shaped faces will benefit from frames that are wider at the bottom than the top. Add to this style of frame a rimless border and you should notice a lighter look in your glasses that lessens the natural wideness at the top of your face.[9]
  3. Opt for thin lenses. Thick lenses are not only heavy and bulky, but these can also lead people associate you with nerdy pursuits. Even if your vision isn’t very good, you don't have to suffer with noticeable, thick lenses. Thanks to technology you can purchase lightweight lenses, sometimes referred to as featherweight lenses, which will be much thinner and elegant than your normal ones.
    • Lightweight lenses make use of a special kind material to create thinner, lighter lenses. The most common material used in this process, polycarbonate, is light, resistant to damage from impact, and relatively affordable compared to other lightweight lenses.[10]
  4. Choose colored frames. If you can afford multiple pairs of glasses, you can get creative with your use of color. You can match the color of your frames with your outfit, the weather, and even your mood. However, for a more all-around good look, you should choose either a “cool” color or a “warm” color.
    • Cool colors are blue based while warm colors are yellow based. Of these two color bases, most people will fall into either one of these two categories. Approximately 60% of the US population are considered to be better suited by cool tones than warm.
    • Your skin tone can also have a significant impact on the color of your base tone. Warm skin tones tend to have a color described as “peaches and cream”, while olive colors are considered cool.
    • Examples of warm colored frames include: camel, khaki, gold, copper, peach, orange, coral, off-white, red, blonde tortoise.
    • Examples of cool colored frames include: black, silver, rose-brown, blueish gray, plum, magenta, pink, blue, amber, darker colored tortoise.[9]
  5. Match or balance skin type and hair. One common feature that you might forget to consider is your skin quality. If your skin tends to be oily, shiny frames can draw attention to this and have a negative impact on your look. A matte finish will suit shinier skin types best. In addition to the shine of your skin, you’ll also need to account for the fullness of your hair.
    • Many people’s hair becomes thinner as they age, but your glasses can steal attention away from your hairline. Choose bold, thick frames to return attention to your eyes, and strong, sharp angles to firm up weakness in the jawline.[11]

Balancing Makeup with Your Glasses

  1. Hide shadows with concealer. Even the smallest and most delicate frames and lenses will cast at least a small shadow around your eyes. This can make your eyes look dark or tired, especially if you have a problem with dark circles under your eyes. To brighten up the area around your eyes, you can:
    • Use concealer. This way your complexion will appear more naturally balanced, and the dark spots under your eyes less dark. Remember to use a little concealer on the lid of your eye as well!
    • Make use of Brighten Your Skin. Using a masque of natural ingredients to improve the coloration of your skin might mean you don’t have to spend money on more expensive, cover-up products.[12]
  2. Use a gel liner. There are many kind of eyeliner you can use to restore attention to the eyes hiding behind your lenses, but gel liner is considered to be one of the best. This is especially true if you wear lenses for nearsightedness. These kind of lenses can make your eyes look smaller than they actually are.[13]
    • Avoid dramatic eye makeup, as it can look too busy when combined with the border of your frames. A prominent smokey eye can leave your eyes looking to dark around their perimeter. [12]
  3. Curl your lashes to prevent lens interference. It can be irritating when you have to clean your glasses every few minutes to wipe away oil transferred from your eyelashes to your lenses. To keep this from happening, you should curl your lashes. This has the bonus effect of giving you a bright, alert, and attentive eye appearance.
    • Lengthening mascaras should be avoided if your lashes already brush against your lenses. Instead, you might have better luck with product that adds volume or thickness. Focus your application on the roots as opposed to the tips of your lashes.
    • Prevent mascara from coming off onto your lenses by using a creamy formula that is waterproof. You may also have difficulty with mascara flaking off onto your lenses if you’ve owned it for longer than three months.
    • When curling, you can achieve the best results by focusing your efforts on the base of your lashes. Don’t clamp too tight or you may make your lashes curl too intensely. Following this, you might use an eyelash curler on the midpoint of your lashes to give an impressive curl.[14][12]
  4. Prevent your eyebrows from becoming lost behind your frames. This is especially important if you’ve chosen a pair of frames that are thick. Give your brows a full appearance with an eyebrow pencil and add shape and definition to create better balance between this feature and your chosen glasses.
  5. Add a pop of color to your lips and cheeks. A little bit of blush to your cheeks. This will bring warmth to the overall appearance of your face. Strong or bold frames can be balanced by stronger tones on the lips and cheeks, though you should be careful not to apply too much product. Lip color, especially, can either complement your bold choice in frames or create contrast, depending on the requirements of your outfit and the day.[13]

Wearing Your Glasses with Pride

  1. Be confident. You might feel self-conscious wearing your glasses, especially if you’re new to wearing them. But the truth is that many famous people who are considered attractive wear glasses these days.[15] With the right style of frame, color, and a classy pair of specs, you might even end up looking hotter in your glasses than you did before you had them!
    • Confidence has been found to give individuals a boost where looks are concerned. Although you might not think your mindset has an influence on how people perceive your appearance, you might only need to improve your confidence before people start thinking you look smokin' hot in your glasses.[16]
  2. Eat healthy and exercise. You'll look even more attractive when you eat right and keep yourself physically active. Being healthy will improve your mood, self-image, contribute to a healthy weight, all of which will likely help you gain confidence and become hotter in the eyes of others. To improve your overall healthy, you might:[17]
    • Join a sport or physical hobby, like riding a bicycle, Walk, yoga, and more. Daily physical activity will make you feel better about yourself, even if you don’t notice any large changes in your physical appearance.[18]
  3. Take care of your hair. Dry and frizzy hair often appears poorly maintained and un-stylish to others, so you should replenish dry hair when necessary. Your hair color also contributes to the overall color balance of your face and the resulting color of your lenses, so you should keep it healthy and clean.
    • Try new hair styles if you're not satisfied with your current look. Consider your style according to your face shape and pick out a look that adds balance to your shape in the same way you did for your glasses.
  4. Choose outfits that complement the style of your specs. Finding your ideal style can take time and effort. You’ll have to try on many different looks and outfits. You may even want to bring a friend so you have a second opinion, but you can also ask the employees at the places you Shop for Clothes for their opinion as well.
    • Style and fashion are a matter of taste. Men might want to check out how to dress well as a guy for some direction on looking your best. Women, on the other hand, might look into Dress Yourself and Look Good (for Girls).
  5. Practice good hygiene. Shower as regularly as you need to. For most adults, this will be daily or every other day, although many younger children likely won’t need to shower as frequently.[19] Use deodorant, moisturize so your skin to keep it healthy, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and improve your skin complexion, and wear clean clothes.[20]


  • Remember, never let anyone get you down just because your glasses. You may think that you look different on the outside, but it's the inside that really matters.
  • Ask your doctor about thin lenses. They may not suggest them to you, but thin lenses can be the difference between nerdy and chic.
  • Wire frames tend to be more sophisticated than plastic frames. Plastic frames are frequently large and bulky, but on the right face can still appear elegant. Generally speaking, younger people tend to look better with plastic frames and older people with wire frames.


  • Avoid bold bright colors if you only have one pair of glasses. A neutral color will make your lenses more flexible with different outfits. As an example, you probably shouldn’t buy a bright yellow pair of glasses if most of your wardrobe clashes with yellow.

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