Be a Good Buddhist Girl

There are many aspects of Buddhism. It is difficult to live so simply but if you are devoted, it won't be so harsh. As you have most likely heard that it's hard to be a girl, it's hard to be Buddhist, it's especially hard to be a Buddhist girl. This is a general guide to live purely and peacefully as a Buddhist girl.


  1. Become educated and learn about Buddhism, such as the Four Noble Truths, the Noble Eightfold Path, and the Three Characteristics of Existence. Study the teachings of the Buddha and memorise important scriptures. Take Buddha's teachings to heart and follow them.
  2. Be moral and keep the 5 Precepts, and 8 Precepts on Uposatha Days. Don't kill, don't steal, don't engage in sexual misconduct, don't lie, drink alcohol excessively, or do drugs.
  3. Create a shrine. It is good to set up a shrine but if your parents don't know about your religion this can be hard, this is not necessary but useful.
  4. Meditate as often as possible. Do so at least once each day if you can. Remember, it is better to meditate once every day for 10 minutes than to meditate once a week for 2 hours. Getting into a good habit is key.
  5. Go to the monastery to visit monks and nuns if you can, offer them food and requisites and help around the monastery. If you meet good monks and nuns, ask to be taught Buddhism. Remember, if you donate even just one dollar to a monastery, the virtue of your action may benefitĀ  you for a lifetime.
  6. Try to live simply. Limit TV time, computer usage etc. There is no need for showy possessions or expensive food or clothing.
  7. Dress neatly and modestly in a way appropriate in your culture. Avoid showy jewelry or makeup, or give it up entirely.
  8. Show kindness towards all living things. Don't hurt even the smallest animal. This can include becoming a vegetarian or a vegan but it is really up to you.
  9. Speak gently and don't swear. Try to not be rude or mean. Uttering and promoting slander will hold you from Nirvana. Speak only true and helpful things, and don't gossip.
  10. Show respect to parents, teachers, monks and nuns, and the elderly.
  11. Help those in need where-ever possible, such as the poor, the infirm, disabled and homeless.
  12. Be enthusiastic at school or work and try your best always, never be lazy.
  13. Celebrate important Buddhist holidays such as Vesak, Buddha's birthday, death day, and founding of Buddhism, to celebrate Vesak.
  14. Keep Uposatha if you can according to your tradition. Observe the 8 precepts, make donations and make a special effort in meditation.
  15. Take time to chant or meditate every morning and evening if you can.


  • A Buddhist prayer:
    • May I be well, happy, and healthy
    • May my parents be well, happy, and healthy
    • May my relatives be well, happy, and healthy
    • May my teachers be well, happy, and healthy
    • May all Buddhist be well, happy, and healthy
    • May all neutral beings be well, happy, and healthy
    • May all other religions be well, happy, and healthy
    • May all living things be well, happy, and healthy
  • A Buddhist calendar is useful for remembering Uposatha days and special Buddhist holy days. Although these vary regionally, some are available online. If applicable to your tradition of Buddhism, most Thai calendars have the lunar observance and holy days marked.
  • Be aware that a lot of people don't understand Buddhism.
  • Love every thing and everyone.
  • Follow the Buddhist code!

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