Train Iron Fist Kung Fu

Iron Body Training is a facet of Shaolin Kung Fu where the practitioner trains his body such that he is able to give or sustain heavy blows without serious injury to various parts of his body, with many sub-skills focusing on different parts of the body. This article will tell you exactly how to train your fists to strengthen your attack.


  1. Start by making or obtaining a bag filled with mung beans. Such a bag should be made from strong material, such as denim, and should be sewn together with strong thread. When filled to maximum capacity with dried mung beans, it should resemble a square cushion.
  2. Place the bag on a hard surface. If this is a wall, ensure it is firmly fastened to it.
  3. Train all manner of closed hand strikes on the bag. You can train the following:
    1. Punching. Clench the fist properly, with the thumb outside, and strike with the first two knuckles. Ensure the wrist is kept straight and using as much force as you can stand, shout with every strike. Variants of punches can be used, such as the Leopard Punch or Phoenix Eye, but be careful with these because if improperly done, can lead to damage or injury.
    2. Hammer-fist. Using the clenched fist, strike with the edge. Using as much force as you can stand, shout with every strike.
    3. Back-fist. With the back of the fist, contact the bag with the first two knuckles. Again, use the most force that you can stand, and shout with every strike.
  4. Once you can strike the bag with maximum force, you can replace the mung beans with gravel and repeat the training.
  5. Once this is done, you can replace the gravel with iron or steel ball-bearings, and repeat the training again.
  6. The training is finally complete once you can perform the closed hand strikes on the bag with full force without injury and with minimum pain to yourself.


  • Throughout your training, you should use liniment on your fist to prevent injuries. This liniment is called Die(1) Da(3) Jiu(3) in Chinese, and commonly known to the western world as Dit Da Jow. Applying this liniment to the affected area before and after training, rubbing it in well, is thought to prevent injury later in life caused by the Iron Body Training. The liniment is obtainable from Chinese medicinal halls or off the internet. You should make sure the type you use is specifically for training Iron Body.
  • Spend at least as much time massaging your hands, bathing them in warm water, and using lineaments to massage joints and knuckles as you do with the hand training itself.


  • At least, train this art for 4 month by striking with specific parts 60 times with 2 sets every day. Increase the numbers as your endurance go up. In 1 to 3 years times, u should be able to break brick which is a small success in this art but it is enough to kill a person with one strike. In 10 year, it the practitioner will achieve a big success in this art. As written previously though, the art should be train as long as you live and the longer you train, the stronger your fist gonna be. If you have any chance to learn internal Qi gong, the art will advance a lot faster and the strength will be incomparable to those who learn without internal Qi gong.
  • Such Iron Body Training works by calcifying the bone and thickening the skin. This may cause unwanted deformity. Do not undergo such training without knowing the risks and the correct ways of training it. If you are lucky, find some teacher who master this art who can heal you if you injures yourself during the training which is common problem when training for this art.
  • Don't show off your skills. If you want to learn Iron Body Kung Fu in order to show off, you should re-examine your motive. Don't use your skill to hurt people but instead for self-defence only.
  • This information is provided for informative purposes only and should only be undertaken at your own risk.
  • It is also to be noted that this art can influence you emotionally where those who train in the art of external forces such as Iron fist will most of the time became violent. Make sure that you will be able to master your emotions if you did not want to inevitably causing serious injuries to those you love. Causing injuries to those you hate is another matter though but make sure you will not be in trouble with your country's laws..
  • Be careful when striking - know your limit and try not to go over. Start lightly and slowly build up strength.
  • This art is not something that can be attained quickly - it is for life. Make sure you have maximum commitment before embarking on the training.

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