Become a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter

The FedEx Authorized ShipCenter program is designed for pack-and-ship businesses, allowing you to provide FedEx services to your customers. FedEx also provides all FedEx Authorized ShipCenter locations with free supplies, support, revenue, marketing, and advertising in exchange for becoming an alliance with FedEx.


Meeting the Basic Requirements

  1. Own a shipping store. Shipping needs to be the main part of your business, where you provide shipping supplies and service to your customers. You also must provide customers with information on how to best package and ship items. In addition, you need to have an actual counter where customers can bring in packages. You also must have a physical store (or a plan for one).[1]
    • In addition, you must have internet access.
    • Also, your store must be open for regular hours. You need to be open at least Monday to Friday.
  2. Own a scale. You need a scale that can weigh up to 100 pounds at the minimum. It needs to be calibrated,[1] meaning it needs to be checked against known weights to make sure it is reading accurately.[2]
  3. Obtain an appropriate payment system. FedEx has approved payment systems to process payments. One of them is the FedEx Ship Manager.[1]
    • In addition, your account must be paid on time.[1]

Filling Out the Application

  1. Find the application. The best place to fill out the application is online. You can find it at[3]
  2. Fill in the information. Basically, the information verifies that you meet the requirements that FedEx sets out. So you'll answer basic questions about your business, including the hours you are open. You'll also answer questions such as whether you have a retail storefront.[3]
    • You'll also have to answer what your primary business is, whether you are a member of a professional or national organization, and how many FedEx packages you think you will sell.[3]
  3. Submit the application. When you are done, check over your information to make sure it's all correct. Submit the application online.[3]
  4. Wait for your welcome brochure. As a FedEx Authorized Dealer, you'll receive a free brochure detailing all the information you need to know. It will tell you things like how to prepare your packages, both for shipping nationally and internationally, and what exactly can be mailed.[4]

Using the Program

  1. Order supplies. You can order supplies (for free) at You can also call the company to order supplies. The number is 1-800-463-3339.[5]
  2. Meet the FedEx Express® requirements. First, you must have an FedEx Authorized ShipCenter (FASC) account with an email. You must offer the FedEx Express® packaging in your store. It must be free to customers.[1]
    • You also need to provide FedEx Ground shipping, as well.[1]
    • Meet certain number requirements. You need to send at least one each of both FedEx Express and FedEx Ground packages every day. However, you can take an average, as it doesn't need to happen every day.[1]
  3. Learn how you benefit. With the FedEx program, you receive a discount on what you ship through your store. How much of a discount you receive is based on a tier system (how much you sell) and how much FedEx sells as a whole.[6]
  4. Get money for drop-offs. Even if you don't process the payment for the package through your store, you still get money for accepting the package. As of 2015, you receive $0.75 for ground or smart post and $1.00 for express.[7]
  5. Understand the fee waivers. You'll also receive waivers for certain charges. For instance, you won't be charged undeliverable fees, Saturday pick-up fees, additional handling fees, address correction fees, or courier fees. You also don't need to meet the minimum charge for international shipping.[8]
  6. Make use of FASC network support. Once you log into your account on the FASC support website, you'll have access to all sort of information. You can look at package information, including how much you've sold in a given time period. You can also find news from FedEx to improve your business.[9]


  • For additional questions or inquiries regarding becoming a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter, contact FedEx via their website at or call program support at 1-800-496-9310.

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