Begin a New Creative Project

People have the idea that creativity must be conscientiously worked at and that there are some easy-to-follow steps that can turn them into creative geniuses. The conscientious work ethic will help you later, but you can start by just getting creative.


  1. Let your creativity flow naturally. Do not sit down and agonize yourself into "being creative". Absorb the world as it is.
  2. Write down any exciting ideas. That way, you won't forget them later.
  3. Run with your ideas. When a random idea pops into your head, do your best to understand it! Explore its angles and consider the different possibilities. Perhaps the biggest difference between creative thinkers and constrained thinkers is that constrained thinkers prematurely judge their novel ideas as silly or stupid, instead of allowing the creative seed to grow within them.
  4. Use routines or routine breakers to keep yourself from settling in a rut. You'll want to keep your mind fresh, energized, and on task while you're trying to bring your project to completion.


  • Once you've developed an idea you want to turn into a story, a drawing, a song, a software program, or even a scientific theory, let that work ethic come back to you as the burst of enthusiasm that got you started fades.

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