Exercise Your Creativity

Trying to write a story? Poem? Costume designer? In almost everything that is art you have to be creative. Is your creative muscle lacking? Well here is a good exercise in creativity!


  1. Stand in the middle of a room. Imagine walking on the walls or the ceiling.
  2. Walk outside. Close your eyes and pick a random color. Open your eyes to try to find anything with that color.
  3. Change up natural colors. (EX. Blue sky can be green or grass could be purple)
  4. Can't think up that good main character name for a story or play? Well list a few of your favorite names and mix-&-match. (ex. Katherine and Madeleine = Katheline)
  5. See mirrors, pictures, TV's, and computer screens as doors/gateways.
  6. Think up a random animal. Now try to place yourself in the animal's life. What would it do? Eat? Where and how would it sleep?
  7. Close your eyes and image a blue circle with a white background. Now imagine your hand, then try a simple object. Keep going until you can imagine a place like a beach or a large tree on a hill. (don't forget to use your senses)
  8. Combine two random things together like a fishing and pole vaulting. What you get is you pole vault with your fishing rod into the water.
  9. Close your eyes and draw something from memory. (Don't use marker...you might mark yourself)
  10. "Do penguins have knees?" "Why can Goofy walk on two legs but Pluto walks on all fours when they are both dogs?"


  • Ask "What if.." questions (Ex. If people didn't have ears would we still wear earrings?)
  • Place yourself in different jobs (Fashion Stylist, Clothing Designer, Model, or a Photographer)
  • Try to look at things from different angles
  • Listen to different music
  • Keep an open mind
  • Flip roles (mom-aunt, family pet-sibling, neighbor- teacher)


  • Avoid noisy places when brainstorming
  • Don't think for too long and take a break

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