Buy a New Porsche Cayenne

This article will tell you the secrets to buying the new 2007 Porsche Cayenne. It is quite a small car, so when you have it, you can call it your "portion" for short.


  1. Go in around the middle of the month to look at the Porsche. The sales person for Porsche will ask you when you plan to buy. Tell them within the next 16 weeks. Say that you are here today for a test drive.
  2. Give the dealer a telephone number that you don't mind being called on everyday for a couple of weeks. They will most likely ask you how you want to buy the car. Tell them you have a trade in (if you have a car to be traded in) and that you might want to finance the difference.
  3. Take the car out for a test ride. Act excited. When you get back, tell dealer thanks and say you will call soon.
  4. Leave! The dealer will try to get you to stay and close the deal. You can expect the dealer to call you many times after you leave. Be polite and say that you are thinking about the car still.
  5. Go to the dealer with 6 business days left at the end of the month. You always want to buy a Porsche at the end of the month. Porsche dealers have to meet monthly numbers and this is your time to buy! Now tell the dealer that you want to buy the car. The dealer will act like they do not care and will ask you again how do you want to finance the Porsche. Make sure you buy the car on the very last business day of the month! This is when you tell the dealer that you have a trade in (again if you have a car to trade) and that you want to finance the car for 60 months for the difference of the price.
  6. Listen to the dealer's offer on the trade-in car and the price on the Porsche. Be careful here. They will baffle you with numbers. Make sure you first get a trade-in value for your car then get the offer price for the Porsche. You can make a huge mistake here if you let them combine the two prices.
  7. Never accept the first trade-in value price they give you. Tell them it is not enough. Dealers always try to get your car cheap. When they give you the price of the Porsche, again say it is too much. At this point you may have to say that the deal is not good for you. Get up and leave. They will come running back to you to stay.
  8. Let the dealer make the offer to you. Never tell them what you want from them. Keep telling them it is too high. You will know you are close to a good deal when the dealer becomes aggravated with you. Keep pushing them. You may have to walk out again to get what you want. Always be polite!
  9. Buy or walk away. Tell the dealer you now like the price and are ready to make an offer. Make an offer 15% below the dealer's final offer. The dealer may get angry but again you can walk away from the deal. At this point the dealer should comeback to you with a deal about 10% below what his final offer was. Take the Porsche deal now. This is when you now discuss Porsche financing or others ways you will pay.


  • Always be polite!
  • Be ready to walk away from the deal.
  • Always buy on the last business day of the month.
  • Have your financing options ready to go on the last day of the month.
  • Make sure to compare and check prices online


  • Don't let the dealer make you stay after you test drive.
  • Never be rude!

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