Properly Buy a Car Fast

We all need cars to get around but spending all day at the dealership is a pain! Here are some tips to help you get in and out of the dealership fast with your new car.


  1. Get a cosigner if you are under the age of 18 to help you get the car. Ask your parents or a guardian. They will have to have a credit score of 750, have a good payment on their current cars and have had several car loans or know how to get a car loan.
  2. Look online for the car package you want and/or fits your needs. Make sure you have the color, style, everything picked out for when you get to your nearest dealership.
  3. Call your nearest dealership once you have decided on a few packages you are interested in and ask to speak to a sales representative. Once you get a sales rep., tell him what you are looking at if they have any left and make an appointment to come test-drive your car to make sure you like the way it rides. You may want to have 2 back-up cars picked out to test-drive just in case the first one doesn't satisfy you.
  4. Test drive your car(s) and if you are satisfied seal the deal with your dealer and take home your brand-new car!


  • Do not be afraid to ask questions. You are the customer after all. But it may be easier to ask all questions you have over the phone before you waste your time driving out to the dealership to be disappointed.
  • Recommended days are Monday-Thursday between 8am and 5pm. These are the calmest times of the day so you are less likely to need to wait for an open sales representative.
  • Be reasonable on payments you can afford. Do not be ashamed to purchase a used car. Every dealership has an old model that is used and a lot cheaper than the new model. If you insist on a new car it may need to be an older model to fit your needs.


  • Buying from a dealership ensures safety and that it works. If you buy it from a private owner they do not have to worry about being under warranty nor are they required to have the car inspected before putting up for sale.

Things You'll Need

  • 750 credit score or better
  • good payments on currently owned cars
  • idea of package you want
  • list of questions (written so you don't forget any)
  • Good dealership
  • Good dealer
  • If under 18, a cosigner

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