Carry Out a Training Program Successfully

Apart from the content, a major share for the success of a training program depends on the trainer’s ability to carry out the session in an effective manner. The following tips would help the trainers in stimulating a learning environment.


  1. Really look at your trainer. The appearance of the trainer is very important and he should be very energetic throughout the session.
  2. Be sure that every session on time and finish on time. It should never be kept on hold for late arrivals.
  3. Give an overview. It’s always advisable to tell the participants what you are going to cover at start of session.
  4. Use appropriate Ice Breakers. Unwind the participants by using an icebreaker which is appropriate to the whole training theme.
  5. Use simple language. Do not conduct the session on lecture mode but use a combination various methodologies of learning to make the learning interesting.
    • Humor and fun elements should be combined in right portions to training is not a dull and boring.
  6. Involve the participants by the question method. Always raise questions in the session immediately after covering a topic to assess how much the trainees have followed and learned.
  7. Encourage participants to share their experiences for effective learning within the group.
  8. Manage the group dynamics and ensure that all the participants benefit from the session.
  9. Finally take feedback; it helps you and also the participants, in as much that it gives an opportunity to voice their opinion.