Celebrate the Festival of Sleep Day

The Festival of Sleep Day was created for people that would like to get some "shut eye" and relaxation after the Dress for the Holidays. After the Christmas shopping and present opening deadlines and the New Year celebrations, it's time to celebrate -- in "Sleep Land". Observe this wacky and unofficial holiday on January 3rd.


  1. Choose if you want to sleep alone, with someone else, or with something else. Get your pet to cuddle with you while you take a nap; if the pet escapes, you can always substitute them for a stuffed animal.
  2. Determine how long you wish to "celebrate". Is this going to be a power nap because you have work for the day, a cat nap for a few hours, or quality time with your pillow for the entire day? Don't tell yourself that you need to wake up and do something productive instead of sleeping. If you can't sleep, just stay in bed all day!
  3. Dress appropriately. The more comfortable you are, the better sleep you'll have. Be sure to count each layer of blanket material as one layer in general.
  4. Sprawl out on a bed, sofa, hammock, or any comfortable setting. This is a day to be lazy, so however you position yourself is up to you. You can have your feet propped up on the sofa's arm rest instead of squishing yourself on the Arrange Cushions, have a foot planted on the ground if you are in a hammock so you can rock back and forth while going to sleep.
  5. See if the sleep that you got for the day made a difference. Ask yourself if you feel more refreshed than before today. Sleep is healthy for people, as it lowers stress and refreshes the body for the next day.


  • Another good reason to celebrate this holiday is for the people who are traveling and need a day for themselves to get rid of jet lag.
  • Try to save any holiday need for sleep for this day or the weekend (if Festival of Sleep Day lands on a weekday). You don't want to be sleeping in on New Year's Day or any day throughout your "winter break".
  • Most schools resume school the Friday or Monday after New Year's Day. Be sure to celebrate this holiday so that your body can catch up to all of the fun you had.

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