Change a Tail Light Bulb on Nissan Versa Hatchback

Here's a quick guide to changing the Taillight bulb on a 2006-2013 Nissan Versa Hatchback. You'll need a few handy tools and a bit of patience!


  1. Open the rear hatchback door. Look directly behind the Taillight assembly for two plastic interior snap covers that have a small slit opening in them.
  2. Insert the flat head screwdriver into both covers. Gently pop each of them off. Behind each cover, you will see a small 10MM or 8MM nut attached to the taillight assembly stud.[1]
  3. Remove the lower nut first. You can use a 10MM or 8MM socket, small extension drive and a ratchet.[2]
  4. Remove the upper nut next. You can use the open end wrench or a flex socket adapter.[3]
  5. Get ready to remove the Taillight housing. Once both nuts are removed, proceed to the outside of the taillight assembly and gently insert a flat head screwdriver between the taillight and vehicles body, starting at the bottom of the Taillight. Slowly pry very slightly under the Taillight until it starts to move away from the body. Start at the bottom then the middle of the Taillight.[4]
  6. Fully remove the Taillight. Once the Taillight has slightly moved away from the body grab the Taillight and gently pull it away from the vehicle. If it doesn't move, gently pry very slightly a few more times until it does.
  7. Change the bulb. With the Taillight in your hand, locate the Taillight bulb socket and turn it counter clock wise until it releases from the Taillight. With the socket in your hand, carefully grab the bulb and pull it out of the socket and insert a new one.[5]
  8. Return the socket to the light assembly. With the new bulb installed, gently insert the socket into the Taillight assembly. Turn the socket clock wise until it clicks into the Taillight assembly and does not spin anymore.
  9. Return the Taillight to the car. Carefully align the studs of the Taillight with the holes in the body of the vehicle and push the Taillight assembly back into the car, making sure it sits flush with the body of the vehicle.
  10. Replace the nuts. Once the Taillight is installed into the body of the vehicle, replace both 10-8mm nuts on the Taillight studs and snap back into place both interior covers.[6]
  11. Check that the bulb now operates as need be. If so, you have successfully changed a Taillight bulb in a Nissan Versa Hatchback.


  • When removing the bolts from the Taillight studs, it may be best to use your hand to spin them off the stud once they are almost fully loose, instead of using the ratchet or wrench, due to tight clearance.


  • Be careful when handling light bulbs. Do not squeeze or force a light bulb from a socket, as injury may occur due to broken glass.
  • Do not pry hard between the Taillight and vehicle body, as damage to the Taillight could occur.

Things You'll Need

  • A flat head screwdriver
  • 10mm and 8mm socket
  • Short extension drive
  • Ratchet drive
  • Open-closed 8 and 10mm wrench

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