Choose Between Buying a New or Used Motorhome

There are advantages to buying your motorhome brand new or buying it second hand either from your local dealer or privately. It mostly depends on your desired use for the vehicle and your budget. Here is some advice to help you choose between new or used.


  1. Consider whether you'd prefer to customize. Buying your motorhome new from your local dealer is great for those who want to customize their motorhome. You will get to choose the exact specification of the base vehicle and habitation part so you get the finished look you want.
    • There should be a host of features and extras for you to choose from, from engine size and performance, to curtains and carpet color.
    • With a new motorhome, you will also have the reassurance of a manufacturer's warranty should anything go wrong in the first few years.
  2. Consider whether you're more interested in just testing the viability of owning a motorhome. Buying a secondhand motorhome can be a great starter RV. If your budget does not allow you to purchase a brand new motorhome, this is the less expensive option.
    • Sometimes you can find already customized models or older versions of the model you wanted.
    • Also, depending on the age of the vehicle, you will be insuring it under a 'market value' insurance policy whereby you will receive the current market value of the motorhome should it be damaged beyond economic repair or stolen and not recovered.
  3. Choose wisely. Whether you buy new or used, make sure you get the motorhome that suits your needs in terms of space, facilities and price!

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