Choose Nail Polish Colour That Suits You

Choosing a nail polish color is not necessarily straightforward. There is a huge variety of polish colors to choose from, making it harder to decide. Colors from nudes to neons are possible, so here is a guide to find that perfect color for your nails.


Choosing Colors by Skin Tone

  1. Determine your skin color. Your skin color may help to determine what nail polish colors look best. The following are some suggestions for you to try out:
    • Deep (for example, like Missy Elliot). For a dusky, dark complexion, the darker shades will suit you the most.[citation needed] You can wear browns, wines, dark reds, rust color. Avoid neon colors. Some color selections include:
      • Classics: Nude, light purple, French, primrose, light or pale pinks
      • Original: Indigo, shiny key lime.
    • Medium (for example, like Rihanna or Beyonce). Color suggestions include:[citation needed]
      • Classics: Very light purple, white, nude, nude with pink tints
      • Original: Light blue, porcelain.
    • Fair (for example, like Rachel Bilson). For a fair toned complexion, almost every color looks good on your hands, be it pale pinks or neon brights, they should work well.[citation needed] However, avoid colors that suggest jaundice or a washed-out appearance. Some color suggestions include:
      • Classics: Violets, ruby reds, plums, burgundy, white, black, pale pink
      • Original: Silver, pale green, navy, teal, orange.
    • Tan (for example, like Angelina Jolie). For a tanned or wheaten complexion, bright shades will suit you better.[citation needed] You can wear all pinks, reds, mauve, orange. Colors like wine, maroon, lighter shades of brown will suit you. Avoid royal blue, forest green, and neon yellow. Some color suggestions include:
      • Classics: Pale pink, deep pink, gray
      • Original: Golden tones, shiny key lime or teal, dark brown.

Choosing Nail Polish by Fashion

  1. Choose nail polish color according to your outfit. You can either match your nail polish color with your outfit or can use a contrast color. That really depends on your preference for all matching or adding spice with a contrasting color.
  2. Choose the nail polish color according to the season. Bright shades are considered more suitable for summer, while darker shades are considered apt for winter. Moreover, the fashion industry determines which fashion colors are in for each season, so you might like to follow that guidance and match the nail polish to the fashion season's color choices.
  3. Consider choosing nail polish with a bit of sparkle. Glitter nail polishes are also available in market. The best color selection for these nail polishes again depends on the complexion of your hands.
  4. Try it because you like it. Don't let the color suggestions stop you from painting your nails any color you want. Feel free to choose colors that suit your style and personality. Indeed, you won't know what it looks like until you've given it a go.
  5. Learn how to paint your nails, and maybe practice on a friend. Once you've chosen your suitable nail polish color, apply it well so that it looks fantastic.
    • Apply a clear base coat on your nails. Then apply nail polish. Seal it with a top coat for best results and a longer lasting manicure.
    • Apply a white nail polish as your base coat, then apply your nail polish. This will make the color of your nail polish pop.



  • Don't forget to pull your cuticles back to make your nails look better.
  • Try multicolored nails- Paint a different color on each nail.
  • First do manicure and then do your nail art.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment!


  • Don't breathe in nail polish or nail polish remover. Avoid contact with eyes. If swallowed, contact poison control and seek medical help immediately.
  • Keep nail polish away from heat or naked flames; it is flammable.

Things You'll Need

  • Nail polish
  • Nail polish remover

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