Clean WeatherTech Floor Mats

WeatherTech floor mats and liners are a cinch to clean. If you have a garden hose, it’s simply a matter of spraying it down, scrubbing with mild soap, and rinsing it off. If you live in an apartment or just don’t have a hose, though, you can also easily clean it in the bathtub.


Hosing Off Your Floormat

  1. Remove and shake out your mat. First, remove the retention hooks from each hole in your mat. Then take the mat out of your vehicle. Give it a thorough shake to get rid of loose debris.[1]
  2. Hose it down. Set your mat on the ground. If your hose has a spray nozzle, use its jet setting to blast away any dirt that just needs a little nudge to loosen. Otherwise, just give it a good soaking to get it wet.[2]
  3. Scrub with mild detergent and water. Add a few drops of mild laundry or dish soap to a bucket and fill it with water. Soak a sponge, cloth, or cleaning brush in the solution. Then scrub both sides of the mat down until it's clean.[1]
    • Some people use degreasers and foam cleaners to clean their mats, but Weather technology  advises against anything harsher or more abrasive than mild detergent. These may cause damage to the mats.
    • Additionally, WeatherTech strongly advises against using any silicone-based agent. These may cause the mats to be slippery, even after drying, which is especially dangerous for the driver’s side mat.
  4. Rinse clean, dry, and reinstall. Hose the mat off again until all traces of soap have been removed. Either allow it to air-dry or thoroughly towel-dry before reinstalling. When you put the mat back in, make sure it’s on the appropriate side of the car (driver’s side versus passenger side). Reattach all retention hooks to ensure the mat doesn’t slip out of place.[1]
    • When you reinstall the driver’s mat, double-check that it doesn’t interfere with the pedals before you drive your vehicle again.

Cleaning Your Mat in the Bathtub

  1. Take your mat out and give it a shake. Unhook the mat from its retention hooks. Shake it out once you’ve removed it from your vehicle. Get rid of any loose debris.[1]
  2. Fill your tub with soapy water. Close the drain to your bathtub. Add a few drops of mild dish or laundry detergent to the tub. Then fill it about halfway with water.[3]
    • Only use mild detergent. Harsher chemicals and abrasive agents may cause damage.[1]
    • Do not use silicone-based products. These can make your mats unsafe and slippery.
  3. Soak and scrub. Place your mat in the bath. If it’s especially dirty, give it anywhere from ten minutes to an hour to soak so the dirt can loosen. Then scrub each side with a sponge, cloth, or cleaning brush.[3]
  4. Rinse with clean water, dry, and reinstall. If the bathwater is especially dirty after cleaning, drain the tub and refill with clean water to rinse. Air-dry or towel-dry thoroughly before putting it back in your vehicle.[1]
  5. Reinstall the mat. Be sure to place each mat on the appropriate side of the vehicle (driver's side mat on the driver's side, passenger-side mat on the passenger-side). Reattach the retention hooks to hold it in place. With the driver’s floor mat, always make sure that the mat doesn’t interfere with the pedals before operating the vehicle again.[1]

Things You’ll Need

  • Hose or bathtub
  • Mild dish or laundry detergent
  • Sponge, cloth, or cleaning brush

Sources and Citations